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3 Bathroom Ideas for The Elderly Clan

As the population of Australia continues to get older, more and more individuals are thinking about how to make public restrooms safer and more accessible for elderly people. “Aging in place” is a concept that supports the use of smart ways to help individuals stay in their dwellings for the longest possible amount of time. Bathroom renovation in Abbotsford ensures that the bathrooms are dwelled in to meet the needs of the elderly.

The elderly are disproportionately represented among those hurt in restroom mishaps, which is why we hear about them so frequently. Accidents that take place in the bathroom can result in serious injuries, some of which can be deadly.

According to the most important findings from known research organizations such as CDC, one in three seniors aged 65 and older experiences a fall every year, and the cost incurred on medical care that is directly relevant to falls sums to $30 billion annually. Bathroom renovation in Abbotsford requires to meet the needs of seniors and is, therefore, a worthwhile home remodelling project to embark on if you are an older person yourself or if your house frequently plays host to elderly visitors.

Unlike rooms and restrooms, bathrooms are private areas which means that most elderly won’t be getting any help in case of an accident. Therefore, we must devise ways to ensure the safety of elderly

  1. Building bathroom on the first floor
    A simple flight of steps can surely be hectic for many elderly people who suffer from knee and hip problems. Since not everyone can afford a luxury bungalow, however, one can always renovate with Bathroom renovation Abbotsford to make a house more adult-friendly by building or relocating to the first floor.

Remodelling a bathroom in a home is a significant undertaking. When it’s not there, going to the bathroom 5–7 times a day (on average) has become a pain in the neck at least and a resource sink at the very worst.

  1. Rubber slip mats
    Installing non-slip mats in and around the bathroom is a low-cost and non-invasive option. To avoid tripping over wet, slick tiles and to aid the vision of senior family members with diminished spatial awareness, this is an excellent idea. As yet another place where tiling may get wet, you may want to simply add a non-slip mat or sticky strips bathroom sink.
  2. Grab bars
    Seniors might benefit from the added protection that grab bars provide in the shower and throughout the bathroom. The CDC suggests installing grab bars in and around the shower or bath as well as adjacent to the toilet to help avoid falls. In the bathroom, sliding surfaces like the bathtub, shower bench, and slippery tile sidewalls create a dangerous atmosphere that can result in accidents for the elderly. A grab bar as suggested by Samcorp Bathrooms can help with sitting upright, and a grab bar set beside the sink or countertop can give further support.

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