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Bathroom Lighting Ideas to Illuminate Your Space Beautifully

Your choice of bathroom lighting can make or break the look and feel of your space, and there are no two ways about it.

 From incandescent lighting bulbs and LED lights to wall sconces and pendant lights, there are so many amazing options to choose from.

 The right bathroom lighting isn’t just about helping you with bathroom related tasks such as grooming, shaving, doing makeup and getting ready, but also brightening up the space effortlessly.

 So, it’s extremely important that you consider different options and choose the perfect lights for your bathroom that actually do justice to the beauty of the space.

 Consider the following lighting ideas from our experts at Samcorp Bathrooms for your bathroom renovation in Arndell Park to help illuminate the space beautifully.

Create A Balance Between Mood and Functionality
There’s nothing worse than an extremely brightly lit bathroom that kills the mood, as well as a super dull bathroom that serves no purpose in helping you get ready, for instance.

 When it comes to bathroom lighting, there has to be a perfect balance between two key elements – mood and functionality.

 The lights that you choose should be practical so that you can use them as needed, but also the right addition to your bathroom so that they help set the ideal mood.

 For instance, you can consider LED lights installed in vertical rows on both sides of the mirror in your vanity area. This will help create a balanced look with less shadows. You can also install dimmers for all the lights in your bathroom so that you are able to adjust the levels as per your needs.

 Consider Layered Lighting
 Regardless of the overall theme of your space or the size of the space, a must-consider lighting option for your bathroom renovation in Arndell Park is layered lighting.

 As the name suggests, this type of lighting is all about using multiple light sources to not only create a beautiful illumination in your bathroom, but also enhancing particular areas of the space.

For your main bathroom light, you can consider ambient lighting to illuminate the whole room, task lighting for the mirrors, and accent lighting for any specific feature that you want to highlight and show off in your bathroom.

 While the idea of using different light sources in your bathroom might sound like a little too much, it’s actually a great way to create balanced lighting in a given space.

 Don’t Forget the Tub Area
Oftentimes, homeowners tend to neglect the tub area when installing bathroom lighting. For those long, relaxing baths that you take after a hard day at work, you can further enhance the experience and create a nice ambiance with the help of a small light right above the bathtub.

 This is particularly for those who like to read in the bathtub for relaxation and indulging in their favorite books or novels.

Final Word
Choose the right and the best lighting for your bathroom renovation in Arndell Park to create the perfect mood in your bathroom, achieve functionality and brighten up the space beautifully.

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