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Make Your Bathroom Elderly Friendly With These Easy Steps

Bathrooms can become a dangerous place for the elderly if you do not keep their needs in mind during the design process. Here you will find some elderly-friendly ideas that you can make use of in your bathroom renovation in Auburn. With these tips, you can ensure the safety of your elderly loved ones and keep them feeling secure and included.

These renovation features will make their experience much easier. Know that all of these methods are super easy to install and make use of which will make renovating your bathroom an enjoyable experience. With elderly-friendly design, you need to think about everything from faucets to rugs and so the bathroom renovation can be a challenge. But do not worry, we got you covered. Here are the best and easiest features you can add to your bathroom to make it elderly friendly.

Add Grab Rails
Adding grab rails will make life easier for both the elderly person and their caregiver. They can be easily attached on any wall in your bathroom. Install grab rails over your bathtub, outside the shower, near the toilet and in between a long stretch of open space. This will make it so the elderly person can easily use the rail for support and stability to increase their mobility in the bathroom.

Make your Shower Detachable
A detachable showe is a must have for elderly people. It makes it so they can easily take a shower while sitting down and use the shower head to effectively bathe. A detachable shower means that they will not have to stand for too long and risk getting fatigued or injured in the shower.

Opt for Lever Faucets
Elderly people often have trouble using faucet heads that need to be twisted to get running water. To make them feel more comfortable, you should install a lever faucet in your next bathroom renovation in Auburn. This will enable them to easily push and pull the faucets so that they do not fumble or injure their hands.

Place Non-Slip Bath Rugs
Non-slip bath rugs are a no-brainer when it comes to elderly-friendly bathroom renovation ideas. They should be placed around the bathroom in any area that tends to get wet. So put some non-slip rubs outside the shower, near the bathtub, and near the sink. This will make sure that your elderly loved one does not slip and fall.

Chose a Curbless Shower
Elderly people have trouble walking up a step to get into a curbed shower. You should choose a curbless shower in your bathroom so that they can easily walk into and out of the shower without any trouble. This will decrease the likelihood that they will trip and injure themself in the shower.

The Best Elderly-Friendly Bathroom
Now that you know what you need to make your bathroom elderly-friendly, plan your bathroom renovation in Auburn. We all need to keep our elderly loved ones in mind when designing living spaces for them so make sure to be diligent and efficient about your bathroom renovation planning process.

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