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Bathroom Renovation in Balmain

Firstly, what do we exactly mean when we say the word “wet room”? In recent years, the concept of a wet room has become more popular with the floors and walls sealed with a waterproof membrane, preventing water from seeping out and causing significant damage.

A wet room, according to the bathroom renovation experts in Balmain is designed with a sloping floor so the waste waster can slide towards the drain so the excess water flows into the waste water system.

Pros of getting a wet room installed

One of the most common installations found in a wet room is the shower space. A glass screen can be used to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom – especially handy if you do not want to touch based with a soggy toilet seat. Mentioned ahead are five other reasons why you should go include a wet room in your bathroom renovation blueprint:

Easy accessibility

Although not always constructed with this in mind, wet rooms particularly come in handy for those whose movement is restricted sush as the disabled or the elderly. With a wet room, there is no need for a shower tray, making access to the shower easier.

A wet room also proves to be a better option for smaller bathrooms. If you don’t need a bath area covering up most of the space, you can always remove it and install a shower, making the room more accessible. If you are a interior enthusiast like myself, you would know if there is a need for a bulkier shower enclosure with doors that may come in between of the little space you already have.

Improves the space utilisation

Since you are adding a brilliant form of waterproofing to one of the most frequented areas of your home that is most probably susceptible to leaks and water seepage, wet rooming during bathroom renovations in Balmain, can only be a good thing in terms of boosting the overall value of your property. In a regular bathroom, the water tends to run into areas it should not, building up mould and moisture in walls.

Luckily, with, a wet room is responsible with channelling all the extra water through a central drainage system, containing the dampness within the perfectly sealed walls of the room. The systematic drainage makes a wet room seem highly attractive when you move ahead towards putting your property on sale, especially if you have a not-wet bathroom as another viable option. Also, consider in investing high-quality wet room glass, such as the 8mm panels to add to the property value by a few folds.

Easy cleaning

This one is for the cleanliness devotees. One of the biggest advantages of getting a wet room installed is its ease of cleaning. As he surrounding is rightly wet, any normal household bathroom cleaner can be used to disinfect and keep the mouldy dew at bay.

Wet rooms, undoubtedly, can prove to be a great solution in providing your house with a different functionality. With a modern look, your bathroom renovation in Balmain can tap onto both style and easy maintenance for the potential buyers in case you decide to sell your house.

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