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Do Walk-in Showers Need a Door?

As bathrooms get bigger and bigger in today’s contemporary homes, owners opt for spa-like surroundings in their spaces. A walk-in shower is one way to create that relaxing aesthetic. In case this is the direction you would like to take for your bathroom renovation in Bass Hill, you may also wonder if walk-in showers need doors.

Typically, a walk-in shower does not have a door but there is no hard and fast rule for constructing a relaxing bathroom. That means you have the freedom to design your private shower area. Before taking the plunge though, make sure to review all the design considerations.

What is in a Walk-in Shower Space?
First thing’s first, jump in on the journey by asking yourself, “Do walk-in showers need doors?” while looking at the structure of your existing bathroom; the space you have and where you would like the shower space to be built. The door-less designs are custom-made and may require a bit more work compared to the traditional glass shower enclosure.

Walk-in showers are usually installed in the corner or in the place of existing bathtubs. Since this space is particularly open to the rest of the bathroom, make sure the flooring is designed to contain water. That will most likely call for glass partitions and tile work depending on your personal preferences.

Door or no door
Once you have decided that you need a no-door walk-in shower for your bathroom, you can still use glass for one or more of the surrounding walls, depending on the style of your shower. One way is to install a partial glass during the bathroom renovation in Bass Hill to separate the shower area from the rest of the toilet. You can also extend the span of the glass wall to provide a transparent division. The walk-in shower can also look like the next corridor built between two glass walls.

Feel free to go big if your bathroom has the space to accommodate a larger shower. For example, some bathroom enthusiasts choose to create massive enclosures for their showers. This area could be enclosed by large panels of glass or could have a barn-door style sliding door or no door at all – just a convenient opening between the glass panels.

Do your research
Now that you have answered the question pertaining to walk-in showers needing a door, you know there are numerous ways to add glass to the space. Take your time and do extensive research to determine what will work best for you and your home. And remember, walk-in showers are considered to be a luxury add-on so getting one installed is bound to boost up your home value in the market.

Whichever path you decide to take, Samcorp Bathrooms has the resources you might need to utilise along the journey. Don’t delay calling an expert that can help you design and install a look that meets your needs and budget. Before you know it, the bathroom renovation in Bass Hill will turn out to be the best one you have experienced in your home-design life

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