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5 Cool Ideas for the Bathroom Wal

In a regular home bathroom, you have the freedom to let your imagination run wild because you don’t have to worry about, for instance, the wall decor clashing with the sofa colours.

Remember that good wall decor is not equivalent to prints and the key to breakthrough wall results during the bathroom renovation in Belfield is to use your imagination, combining with the functional elements of the space. Whatever you pick, don’t back down from going all out since bathrooms offer full chance to be brave with the decor, so just do whatever makes you happy.

  1. Life it up with paintings
    In case your bathroom wall is neutral or all white, gallery ideas can work wonders for the room. However, if your personal preference for a wall type is a real painting, then you don’t need too many to create an impact. Less is more. A carefully chosen piece in a beautiful frame is all you want to make a statement as elegant as the Victorian Era. One of the top tips coming from experts is to match colours in the painting to the majority colours in your room for a harmonious effect.
  2. Sophistication calls for wallpaper panels
    Any wallpaper idea can transform your bathroom even if you don’t plaster the entire space with paper. You can take inspiration from the characteristic architectural designs in traditional type bathrooms. It is easy to create texture and dimensions with wallpapers being careful with your picks – ask the expert to make the design you like and is suitable for your toilet space.
  3. Let the decor “sink” in
    Since bathrooms give you enough creative room to do as much as you want during the bathroom renovation in Belfield, you can easily transform the area above the sink into wall print by stencilling it. That is one of the expensive and quirky options that works wonders as part of the small bathroom space ideas.
  4. Get the tub a print on
    Another simple way of getting your walls revved up without hammering nails into them is to prop up a large print between it and the bathtub. The larger the frame, the better and remember to have it protected with perspex from water splashes. Botnanical accents for the tub can also work well to soften the modernised look with angular tub designs.
  5. The bathroom wall is your canvas
    Incorporating gloss or no-gloss tiles in your bathroom can make it decorative as well as hygienic and waterproof. There are many benefits of tiling, even if it is just one section of the wall and the smaller area you tile, the bolder you can be with the choice of tile design. The shimmering mosaic can be a good choice to liven up the plainess of the white walls.

Combining both the practical and decorative elements for the bathroom will ensure that your wall design is functional, long-lasting and appealing to the eyes at the same time. Not every wall in the room has to look similar during the bathroom renovation in Belfield when you can have certain blocks plastered with wallpapers! Call up an expert from Samcorp Bathrooms in case you get stuck since the possibilities are endless.

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