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8 Perfect Powder Room Ideas

No doubt, powder rooms are meant to make a proud design statement. These small bath spaces without the usual shower rooms or toilet and tubs are ideal for the chic mirrors, wallpaper patterns and murals to make them feel spacious and pedestal sinks and standout vanities. The real fun lies in its versatility of it since there is enough space to go around for that modern look; from a monochrome palette to filling the room with loads of unusual colours, your bathroom renovation in Bentworth Point can have a green design or a cool pink that you have always longed for. 

Mentioned ahead is a list of ten solid powder room ideas that will inspire you to rethink your current one; the layout, colour palette, tiles and decor pick to transform your bathroom into the cosiest place ever. 

1.The Skirted Sink:
The skirted sink type is built to prevent a small powder from feeling too small and cramped with the involvement of a bulky vanity, covering the vase of a little sink with a striped skirt. 

2.Shades of Blue:
You may find it hard to believe but blue hues have a right to be in the powder rooms. Go for the trendy look by making your space look lively with a palette of blue and yellow tones from overhead lighting to tiled walls. 

3.Tiled Walls:
Patterned tiling is not just meant for the floors but also for other furniture picks. You can take inspiration from the Moroccan mosaic designs, for instance, and try it on the powder room walls instead. 

4.Cobalt Blue Vanity:
The cobalt blue is a powder room tick to make it more visually appealing. It is time to ditch the medicine cabinet and back a hexagon mirror with a geometric tile. For the last touch of glam, you can put up the vanity with cobalt blue hues, boosting its overall “cool” feel and appearance.

5.Built-in Bookshelves:
Any bookshelf can act as an element of pleasant surprise during a bathroom renovation in Bentworth Point and a neutral powder room’s built-in bookshelves are the perfect example. 

6.Vintage Flair:
You can never go wrong with the 70’s vintage look. Play up the powder room’s old charm by adding an array of old wall art and vanity mirrors with light textures.

7.Chevron Meets Floral:
The size of your powder room does not matter when you can use a bunch of tiles and floral wallpapers to decorate the space like a fancy layout from a move. 

8.Love for Lavender:
A subtle touch of lavender can really energise a space combined with a touch of brass – think the decorative and hardware accents. You can get an understated flooring installed with a white and grey look.

Regardless of your personal sense of style and design, you may want to look around some options at Samcorp Bathrooms to build your powder room the way you have dreamed of. After all, t is always a fulfilling journey to go around and be inspired by the colours that would fit right in with the bathroom renovations in Bentworth Point.

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