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Make Your Bathroom Safe For Pets In X Simple Steps

When you get a pet, you are adding a new family member into your house. You need to take care of all of their needs including their hygiene and cleanliness. This means that you will frequently need to take your pet into your bathroom. To keep your little furry friend feeling safe in your bathroom, you have to keep their needs in mind while making your bathroom renovation in Berala. From the largest Doberman to the littlest pomeranian, you need to keep your pet feeling fresh, energized, and healthy with showers and grooming. Here are some features that you can add to your bathroom to make it pet-friendly.

Keep an Open Shower
An open shower is essential when designing a bathroom that can be used by your pets. This makes it far easier to get your pet into the shower to bathe and groom them. It also lets them feel less constricted which will calm them down while you give them a shower. The lack of a curb or tub makes it easy for your pet to move around in the shower and lets you reach them easily.

Get a Showerhead That is Detachable
 You should also consider installing a handheld shower head which will enable you to wash your pet with ease. A rainhead or normal shower head will be too far away from your pet and will frighten them with the impact and velocity of the running water. Instead, you need a shower that can be held closer to the ground, especially if your pet is quite small. Do not let your little chihuahua or kitten get traumatized by a whole waterfall for their first ever bath.

Secure Your Cabinets
When thinking about a pet-friendly bathroom renovation in Berala you should also make sure to have cabinets that can be securely locked. This will keep your furry family member safe from any harmful materials like bleach, cleaners, and detergents. It will also ensure that they do not destroy your precious, expensive belongings like your makeup, skincare, or towels. No one wants to walk into their bathroom only to see their dog covered in blush and chewing on their favorite hand towel.

Add Non-slip Floors
Non-slip floors need to be added to any bathroom that will be used by pets. This will prevent your pet from slipping and injuring themself in your bathroom and make sure that you do not get scratched or clawed while your pet is struggling against you in the shower.

Choose to Close Your Toilet Lid
Make sure you get a toilet that has a seat that can be securely closed. No one wants their pet to be drinking the nasty water from the toilet or for them to fall face first into the bow. Keep your pet safe and your hygiene up by closing your toilet lid whenever it is unattended.

Pets and Pampering
With these tips for your bathroom renovation in Berala you will know that your little pet companion will feel safe and comfortable whenever they are in your bathroom. Most of us treat our pets like our own children and so their needs are of utmost importance when designing a bathroom. With these tips, your pet will enjoy all of their baths and you will feel a sense of ease and satisfaction.

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