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Renovation and Design Ideas for a Big Bathroom

Having large bathroom space is an absolute luxury, to say the least. Especially for those people who spend a lot of their time in the bathroom to unwind and relax, and treat it like a personal sanctuary.

When it comes to renovating and designing a large bathroom, it can be a little challenging. It’s easier to get carried away since you have a large space at your disposal and you might feel like including all kinds of features. But, more than that, the goal is to make it as comfortable, spacious, cozy, functional and inviting as possible.

Take a look at a few ideas and tips to help you with your big bathroom renovation in Bossley Park so that your space feels not just practical, but also luxurious.

Double Sink Vanity
If you share your bathroom with another person, a double sink vanity is the ideal solution for maximum convenience while also making good use of the space available. It features two separate sinks with storage areas beneath each sink where you can store things like cleaning supplies, towels and other bathroom essentials.

Separate Bathtub and Shower
One of the biggest luxuries offered by a big bathroom is that you can have the best of both worlds – a separate bathtub and shower.

On days when you are running late for work and don’t have enough time, you can opt for a quick shower. And for times when you want to relax and unwind, you can go for a nice, long, warm bath in the bathtub.

The best part is you can even have a freestanding bathtub for your bathroom renovation in Bossley Park if the space allows!

Maximize the Storage
A big bathroom means more and more storage available for you to use!

Considering how important it is to have adequate storage options in a bathroom, this works perfectly in your favor. From recessed shelves to floating vanities to storage beaches to wall mounted cabinets and shelves, there are so many options to choose from. Since it’s a large space, you can also opt for different options to create textures and colours.

Multifunctional Fittings and Installations
Another great thing about large bathroom spaces is that they offer a new level of multifunctionality. So, in essence, your bathroom isn’t just meant for the obvious purposes, but you can use the space for resting, dressing up, and so much more.

You can even have furniture items in a big bathroom for added comfort and luxury such as chairs, armchairs and also a chest of drawers.

This allows you to conduct a number of activities in your big bathroom, but the key is to utilize the space efficiently and arrange all the fitting and accessories in a way that still maintains the luxury and functionality feature.

Before your bathroom renovation in Bossley Park, make sure to speak to a professional and have a proper plan in place for the large space so that you can enjoy all the features of your big bathroom to the maximum!

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