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4 Ways to Make Bathrooms Safer for Senior Adults

You might be surprised to know that out of all rooms in your present house, there is one space that is
considered to be the most dangerous, universally. If you thought it is the kitchen then think again. The
majority of the at-home injuries that occur inside a house are in the bathroom. These accidents are
usually due to the wet and slippery surfaces that create a hazard when getting in and out of the bathtubs
and shower space. Any inadequate design during the bathroom renovation in Burwood Heights can also
be a cause for alarm when the elderly are concerned. And for the latter, these instances sometimes turn
into fatal injuries.
Thus, don’t be complacent when it comes to bathroom safety and consider the 4 safety protocols when
planning out your next bathroom reno.

  1.  Get a shower chair
    For senior citizens that find it difficult to stand or balance their weight in the bathroom, the best trick is to install a waterproof chair in the bathtub or shower area. Often referred to as shower seats, the chairs are available in many sizes and are either made of non-rusting metal frames or plastic. Make sure that the chair is stable. If not then add a non-slip underneath to get a firm grip on the seat. Shower chairs can be easily wheeled into the bath area and later removed when not in use.
  2. Bring in safety handles
    Bathrooms are home to slippery and wet surfaces. It would not be a bathroom without water! One of the best practices is to remove all conditions that can possibly result in slippery surfaces. However, that may not be doable in the case of shower spaces and bathtubs. To instill balance, consider mounting handle bars for better grip in all areas during the bathroom renovation in Burwood Heights. Commonly used for getting people in and out of a bathtub safely, they can also help in sitting and standing near the toilet. Sometimes a simple movement around the bathroom can be made easy with a grab bar to hold  onto.
  3. Have the non-slip mats placed for magic
    Having the bathroom mats placed right in front of the bathtub might enhance the cosy feeling of the room but they are also one of the most fatal items in the space. The potential for a wet mat to slip is higher when you add water to the picture. For the safety of the elderly, the best place to start is to remove any ordinary bathroom mats and add ones that have been rubberized. The latter does a good job at sticking still to the floor, holding any bulky weight together. Non-slip mats are usually thinner than traditional bath mats, making sure that the edges don’t tip over, forcing a fall.
  4. Put essentials where they can reach them
    One of the easiest and simplest ways of making a bathroom safer for the elderly is to ensure that all-important items needed during a bath are kept within quick reach. Soaps, shampoos and other toiletries should be removed from hard-to-reach places and put at a lower level. Try creating a space on the lower shelves to place things such as combs and brushes. You can also get plastic drawers installed during the bathroom renovation in Burwood Heights that are easier to reach than cupboards. And with that just a few simple bathroom adjustments can make everyday bathroom use safer and easier for the elderly, giving peace of mind to the whole family!

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