Bathroom Renovation Cabramatta

Bathroom Renovation Cabramatta

Creating the bathroom of your dreams is quite a task, but it’s an even bigger challenge if the bathroom is small and you are dealing with space constraints.

From layout to decor to literally everything, getting it all right seems impossible in small spaces. However, with a little creativity, clever planning, well thought-out layouts, intelligent design tricks, and help from a professional, you can easily turn your dream bathroom into reality.

So, when considering bathroom renovation in Cabramatta for your small sized bathroom, take inspiration from these design, decor and style ideas that will help you turn a small space into a super cool, cozy and comfortable sanctuary.

Built-In Storage

Storage is an absolute must-have in every room of your home to prevent clutter and make the space functional. The same applies to a bathroom. You have to have adequate storage space in order to keep it nice and clean.

When it comes to a small bathroom, storage poses a serious problem and the one and only solution for that is built-in storage.

Built-in cabinets and shelves in your small bathroom will not only save a lot of space, but they will also seamlessly blend in with the structure of the area.

Floating Vanity

Featuring a space-saving design and offering a great deal of style, floating bathroom vanities have been trending a lot lately and for all the right reasons, too.

A floating vanity is exactly what the name suggests – since it’s mounted to a wall and leaves the space underneath it free and empty, it helps make a small space look bigger. The ideal way to go about it is to install a sink under the vanity so that you can make full use of the wall space in the best way possible. Moreover, floating vanities are available in so many different designs, styles, colours and sizes so you can choose the one that is best suited for your small-sized bathroom.

If you are looking for bathroom renovation in Cabramatta for your bathroom, you should definitely opt for a floating vanity.

Small Sink

When you are short on space, you don’t really need a huge sink. It won’t serve any purpose anyway. Simply opt for a small, cute sink that has a cool, modern design to enhance the overall aesthetics of the bathroom.

Opt for A Walk-In-Shower

Compared to a standard bathtub or shower, a walk-in shower is more space-saving since it doesn’t require a lot of room. Moreover, it actually gives the illusion of increased space which works really well in the case of a small bathroom.

Hang Large Mirrors

This has to be one of the most common tricks used by interior stylists and designers to make a small space look bigger. Mirrors help open up a space, bring in more light and enhance all its proportions.

Small Bathrooms Can Be Functional and Stylish

No matter how small your bathroom may be, there are so many things you can do to make it look bigger, functional and modern.

Contact us at Samcorp Bathrooms for bathroom renovation in Cabramatta – we can help transform your small bathroom into something super chic and practical.

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