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Factors to Consider When Choosing Windows for Bathrooms

It only makes sense for different rooms in your home to have different needs. The process of picking a specific style of window can either be exciting or tedious depending on your research for the bathroom renovation in Campsie. From picture windows to picturesque designs for the living room wall, there is a right window for every place in your humble abode. 

Bathrooms, however, can be a challenge when it comes to window choice. Bathroom window choices should be a good balance of adequate lighting and privacy. Moreover, the operational parts of your choice should be moisture resistant since they will come in contact with water more frequently than any other area outside the space. Some decor experts at Samcorp Bathrooms have shared a few factors for choosing the best-suited windows for bathrooms:

  1. Good lighting
    The large window styling such as casement shields and sliding doors have two main pros: they allow plenty of sunlight to enter which can make the space look bigger than it is. For some bathrooms though, large windows can become an issue for privacy but that can be addressed with appropriate glazing options ensuring both lighting and privacy together.
  2. Maintaining transparency
    Many decor experts nowadays give homeowners the option to set the level of transparency they want for the bathroom windows while still keeping the room well-lit and spacious. It all comes down to choosing the right glazing and keeping the area clutter-free.
  3. Private? It should be
    Yes, a large window can look and feel great for the bathroom renovation in Campsie but a bathroom is a place meant to perform personal actions so privacy should never be neglected. A large window is not a good idea if it is facing the open road or the neighbour’s line of sight. If you do want to go large, place the window at a certain height, if the dimensions allow it, that does not come in line with the outside view. You can also use frosted glass for windows to make the scenery more translucent.
  4. Get the placement right
    Changing the original position of your window or a replacement procedure can be a quite pricey option to improve privacy. However, if your windows are placed at an unfortunate, noticeable angle, then experts recommend taking the placement plunge. Higher window placement can provide more privacy to the bathroom and more lighting at certain times of day can prove to be a good idea, keeping the area bright and lively. Again, sliders and casements are perfect for this role as they can be open and shut as per need without compromising on privacy.
  5. Style matters
    The style of your bathroom window depends on what you need and the overall theme of your home. From casement windows to double-hung squares, the options are plentiful. Ask your local renovation expert about the pros and cons of every type of window design available. 

No matter what size, style, design or window shape you choose for the bathroom renovation in Campsie, it is important to take into account the material’s energy performance. Picking a window that does not offer any insulation is a bad investment to make, as the lack of insulation can decrease indoor comfort and just increase energy bills.

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