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4 Ways To Keep That Shower Looking New

With regular care and upkeep, your novel glass shower will last for many years to come. Bathroom renovation in Canada Bay is inevitable if you don’t take care of your shower space. Here are some helpful guidelines for keeping your new glass shower in good working order.

Use the Proper Cleaning Supplies
Using abrasive cleaning products on the shower doors is a no-no. Avoid using any housekeeping supplements that contain bleach or ammonium, including abrasive powders, swabs, and steel wool. These compounds can erode the bathroom door’s hinges through time, damaging the glass. Weekly maintenance with non-damaging cleaning agents is recommended for your glass shower door. You can use a simple solution of one part white vinegar, four portions of water, and maybe a few drops of gentle dishwashing solutions to clean the bathroom glass. Cleanse the glass with a microfiber cloth after letting the solution soak for a few moments.

Dilution of bathroom cleaners
The finish on such substances can be eroded by bathroom detergents like Mr. Clean, making them appear dull and aged. Maintain the dilution of your liquids in a spray bottle, and after application, thoroughly flush the area with a large quantity of water. This will preserve your floors and faucet looking glossy and brand new for a much longer period.

It appears that there is also another all-natural DIY option. To remove soap scum and bring back the lustre to ceramic tiles, use this natural alternative instead of chemical. Mist the tiles with a dilution of water and let them soak for 15 minutes. Take care to rinse thoroughly after using a microfibre cloth!

Use a Squeegee
Do you look forward to the opportunity to Bathroom Renovation Canada Bay to clean your windshield each time you pull over for gas? The best part is that you can have just as much fun in the shower! The use of a bathroom squeegee, which is not expensive, can help you avoid unsightly and difficult-to-clean filth in the future. You won’t even be aware that it’s there because the vast majority of versions come with a suction-cup holder that allows them to adhere to the wall of the shower effortlessly and discreetly. Look at it as one faster task to add to the list of things you need to do in the shower besides taking a bath.

Always remember to squeegee the walls and door of your bathroom after each usage. Once a week or so, you should do this to remove any mineral deposits that may have accumulated on your floor, tiling, or bathtub.

DIY shower spray
Samcorp Bathrooms
prescribes the use of a shower spray daily can buy you some extra time before thorough cleanings. Mix together one cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, a very little dish detergent, and 10 to 20 drops of any of the preferred essential oil such as lavender oil for aroma. This will allow you to make your own bathroom renovation in Canada Bay be in expensive with cleaners on the cheap without using any harmful chemicals. After squeegeeing the door, put it in the bathroom with you and clean the glass with a spray bottle. 

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