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6 Stylish Japanese Bathroom Remodel Ideas

The modernly designed, Asian-style bathrooms have a calming and harmonious effect on the overall look of a space. Any area connected closely with nature contains materials mostly made from wood, beach pebbles, leather, river rocks and natural stone. The Asian people are connected with nature and hence, their bathroom renovation in Canley Vale involves bringing in simplistic but functional design ideas to create a beautiful and comfortable bathroom interior. 

The Japanese-style bathroom remodelling is heavily influenced by all Asian interior styles. One of the Japanese traditions is to respect cultural aesthetics, blending natural colour palettes that boost peace, tranquillity and relaxation. Let’s look into some of the tips from professional designers at Samcorp Bathrooms that will help construct a stylish Japanese-style bathroom with an eco-friendly touch and attractive patterns. 

1.The Neutral Colours
A neutral colour palette tends to bring nature into a homely space. Brown colour shades can work great with a bathroom’s interior decor. The festive orange shades with a light and dark vibe and sand, creamy white for walls is one of the typical Asian styles of work and decoration. 

2.Keep it handmade 
Handmade bathroom accessories like tubs, decor and some basic furniture are great items for maintaining a Japanese-style bath space. Almost every item in a Japanese bathroom seems like it is handmade, blending out the modernity of design with the traditional thought and creating a unique Asian interior.

3.The magic lies in the wood
Wood is one of the commonly used materials used during bathroom renovation in Canley Vale. The wooden texture is ideal for creating spa-like, peaceful, Zen interiors that are mostly found in Japanese bathrooms. Teak and mahogany tend to bring in the beautiful colours into the decor and with its minimalist effect and straight lines, the bath space can feel clutter-free, elegant and a place for mental and physical recuperation. 

4.Tubs are spiritual 
Bathing is an art of the spiritual level and a big part of the Japanese culture. The Japanese soaking tubs are a focal point of all bathrooms in the country with people preferring to be inside hot water surrounded with soft pebbles, a small terrace for doing yoga or doors connecting to the outdoor: mother nature.

5.Make sure the materials belong to nature
If you are considering to change the flooring and walls as well, then stone and marble are two of the better choices for the project. The two materials are widely used in Japanese bathrooms as they bring in the natural feels from outside indoors, turning your bath space into a luxurious spa with the perfect balance of colours. You can always use pebbles to decorate the space under the sink or bathtubs. 

6.In the end, it is always the natural lighting
No matter how modernised your ideas are, in the end you always connect with nature to soothe things down. One of the key element of Japanese bathroom design is nature. A bathroom renovation in Canley Vale with nice windows to let the natural light in with an exquisite view of the garden or a beautiful landscape painting on the wall. You can also get a skylight that lets natural light into the room and balances the contempoary with the Japanese traditional style. 

There is no other bathroom design like the Japanese style that could revitalise your thinking of interior decor and get a Zen look. Once you turn your new bathroom into a chic Japanese spa, there is no going back.

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