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How to Make Your Bathroom Design Timeless

Timeless design is becoming an extremely popular choice for renovators. Design trends are rarely permanently popular, but some elements remain a staple in all aesthetics. If you’re looking for bathroom renovations in Caringbah, here are a few tips to keep your design in style even in rapidly shifting fashions.

Choose Your Patterns Wisely
When picking your patterns for tiles, cabinets, mirrors and windows, you might be tempted to use designs that are in style. Strong geometrics and animal designs are modern, for example. However, it is generally advisable to steer clear of these designs. They are not exactly unattractive, but it is impossible to predict when they will start looking old and out of style.

If you want your guests to always feel like they’re in a modern space, use classic, timeless designs such as botanicals, plaids and stripes. Such choices would be excellent for any bathroom renovation in Caringbah. Samcorp Bathrooms has all the resources to help your dream bathroom come to life.

The Best Design Is A Symmetrical One
Symmetry is a universal design rule that may convert even the most absurdly designed spaces into aesthetically pleasing ones. Guests and residents are naturally drawn to symmetry wherever it is present. Any decorations you add should be placed in pairs, either across your bathroom design or next to each other. Instead of a single cabinet, consider two cabinets across the space from each other.

The most important part of symmetry is lighting; adding matching artificial lighting or windows for natural lighting will go a long way in making your bathroom renovation in Caringbah feel timeless.

Technology Must Not Be Visible
One of the biggest problems in modern design styles is their deep integration of technological trends. Automatic lighting, charging sockets and fans might seem useful in your bathroom, but they are the opposite of timeless, and can look outdated to anyone despite their uses.

A modern bathroom cannot work without technology, though – unless you want to light a lantern every time you enter it. Light switches and charging sockets must be hidden or incorporated in other parts of the bathroom, and ventilation must be done via discrete central ventilation systems and ducts. Anything else will soon become obsolete, both technologically and aesthetically.

Quality Control
This is arguably the biggest factor to a timeless design. It may seem painfully obvious to some, but low quality products in your bathroom renovation in Caringbah can lead to it becoming obsolete much faster than you would expect. Good quality cabinets with smooth hinges and sturdy handles, reliable fabrics for any covered surfaces, and warrantied ceramics are essential if you want to keep your bathroom renovation timeless.

With cheaper materials, it is impossible to replicate the attention to detail that high quality products have. There are additional maintenance costs as well; your carefully picked timeless tiles might not be available in the same design, especially if bought from a low quality producer. The same factor applies to almost all accessories, from curtains to tabletops and windows to mirrors. Do your due diligence before confirming a purchase or design!

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