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7 Faucet Finishes for Fabulous Bathrooms

Due to the wide variety of faucet options in the market, choosing the best one for your bathroom can be overwhelming. Many factors need to be considered before picking one since every bathroom renovation in Chatswood has its own requirements.

 Do you need a faucet that is easy to use for all ages or is budget or space a problem?

The list of 7 faucets mentioned ahead can help you get an idea of what you are looking for when shopping for your bathroom.

  1. The 4-inched Spread Faucet
    Remodelling a bath space on a shoestring budget is never simple and in fact, stressful. The 4-inch is an easy-on-the-pocket option, offering not only value but functionality as well. They come in almost every size, shape and colour and are better space-saving types for smaller vanity areas.
  2. The 8-inched “brother” Faucet
    The 8-inched faucet is an alternative to the four-inched type and one of the most popular ones among interior enthusiasts. The former is measured from the handle centre to the other and comes in various materials and styles; from metal to marble, the list is endless. You can find the 8-inched faucet in the known finishes such as oil-rubbed, brushed nickel and bronze to the not-so-popular ones like matte black and polished nickel.
  3. The Waterfall Faucet
    The waterfall option tends to give off a modern feel with its clean lines and minimalist look. Constructed mainly out of glass and metal, the waterfall faucets come in different coloured designs, giving your bathroom renovation in Chatswood a cheery aesthetic. Other rooms have LED lights to create a colourful display while the water is flowing.
  4. The Single-Lever Faucet
    The single-lever faucets are best suited for all types of bathrooms because of their simple functionality. They come in a variety of designs from contemporary to traditional. The multitude of colours and styles is the main reason why many homeowners opt for a single option in particular.
  5. The Wall-Mounted Faucet
    The wall-mounted faucets share the same style and functionality as the counter-top faucets. The only difference is that the former does not take up any counter space. They also give you a good focal point to either mount them on the sink or a backsplash.
  6. The Motion-Sensor Faucet
    In the contemporary bathroom world, a lot of faucets are installed to work with motion sensors. That not only frees up your hands but is a great way to prevent water waste and maintain the sanitation of your hands and overall hygiene. You can always set the faucets to a suitable temperature, making them safe for children to use.
  7. The Digital Faucet
    Digital faucets are all about the new techno-advancements and keeping bathroom safety in check. The digital types are perfect for your bathroom renovation in Chatswood because of their sleek exterior and buttons to adjust the temperature according to the individual comfort levels. Not to mention but you can also multitask – check emails or talk on the phone – while washing your hands.

It is quite interesting just how many types of faucet finishes we have to pick from, but once you decide upon the final bathroom aesthetic to take the plunge on, Samcorp Bathrooms will help you pick the most elegant faucets to complete the modern yet comfortable look.

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