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Do your dogs deserve their own showers?

If you are a true animal lover with a special place in your heart for dogs then you might share an opinion on the area where you bathe them. Trying to lift the big furry friends or squeezing them into cramped bathtubs usually ends with everything and everyone getting wet and upset. The dogs, however, don’t seem to mind.

 As a nation of genuine dog lovers, we prefer going the extra mile to make our pets feel comfortable and live a better life, but have you ever considered a doggie shower for that bathroom renovation in Chiswick?

 When homeowners renovate their houses, making their pups a separate bathing area is the last thing on their minds. The recent trend that is sweeping the doggy world, however, looks promising enough to revolutionize dog bath spaces!

Grabbing the towel
Consider this hypothetical situation: At the end of the evening walk, you are faced with a muddy, wet and surprisingly happy dog – what do you do? Most of us would take the first step of grabbing a towel and trying to get the worst off before they enter the house premises. A separate shower would make this process so much easier.

Believe it or not, the furry friends don’t do so well in tubs, despite having the animal guts to jump into the weirdest spots with humans around. The dogs will attempt to jump out, splashing water and suds everywhere. Adding a doggy bath will only make your life more interesting as well as convenient.

Add that shower
 Your new blueprint for the bathroom renovation in Chiswick can include a dog shower in the bath space but many dog owners prefer to have it built in the laundries or even garages. If you actually end up making a shower cubicle for your dog, you won’t have to break your back bending over a tub because then you can just raise it off the floor.

 Do you know who else does that? Dog salons! They raise the shower tubs off the floor, going easy on their backs. That way you have more control over your dog’s movements since they can’t jump around much and have a cleaner, less messy bath time. You can have the experts design a shower at the floor level but large enough to fit in your furry beast.

 Not that heavy on the pocket
If you are thinking about how much installing a regular dog shower will cost you then fret not. Adding a small doggie bathing area in your bathroom space or outside the home is not very expensive. Why? Because you already have a plumbing toilet, a laundry room and a garage. Costs usually settle around a few thousand dollars but can also amount to quite less, especially if you DIY most of the tasks.

During the bathroom renovation in Chiswick, you might need to consider the likes and dislikes of potential house owners that come after you. They may or may not be very fond of a doggy bath taking up space in their home unless they are doting furry parents themselves. There are plenty of other ways a dog bath can be used, for example, rinsing mud, sand and other debris off boots, before entering the house. So, rest assured, there is nothing to worry about and let your pets enjoy the best time ever

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