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The Best Lighting for Your Bathroom

Lighting is the most important aspect of your bathroom and can be the key to setting the mood you want in your space. Changing up your bathrrom’s lighting can make it feel like you have done a whole renovation in your space. Next time you plan a bathroom renovation in Clyde, make sure to carefully consider the lighting as it can make or break your room. There are certain key elements and types of lighting that you need knowledge of before you can make the big decision of what to do with your bathroom.

Ensure Safety With Shower Lighting
If you have a walk in shower then shower lighting may be a necessity. For this you will need to carefully consider where the water hits the walls in your shower and plan out where you want your recessed lighting accordingly. You will have to make sure that you have moisture[1]rated and damp-rated lighting as you will have to ensure your safety and the longevity of your fixtures. For this you can pick from frosted, opal or alabite bulbs each of which will give a different feel to your bathroom.

Make Life Easier With Task Lighting
Task lighting is placed in spaces in the bathroom that you use when performing certain tasks. For this lighting you should consider what are the areas where you need some extra bright lights or look at nooks and crannies where you might need some light to work by. Popular places for task lighting which are used in bathroom renovations in Clyde, are the vanity, under shelves and in recessed storage spaces.

Be Versatile With Dimmers
Dimmers can be a great way to add some versatility to the lighting in your bathroom as you can change the intensity depending on your mood or need. During the bright daylight hours you can dim down your lights or you can have extra strong lights when you are putting on makeup or looking for the one hair that you missed while shaving your legs.

Stun With Some Accent Lighting
Accent lighting is great when you want to elevate the look of your bathroom and turn it into an aesthetically pleasing space. Accent lighting can go over arches or in the corners of your bathroom, they even work being strung across the ceiling to create a roof that almost looks like the starry night sky.

General Tips
Generally to choose the best bathroom lighting for you you need to be fully aware of whether your lighting and the design of the fixtures you use will work well with the rest of the bathroom. Try to keep the mood of your space cohesive. Additionally, opt for white coloured lighting as this will mimic daylight the best in your space. Finally, make sure you ensure safety by choosing bulbs and styles that are safe in spaces that will be getting wet.

Light it Up!
If you take these features into consideration, you should have all you need to make your bathroom look well lit and beautiful. Enjoy your time in your bathroom no matter what you are doing with a variety of lighting that really brings out the uniqueness of your bathroom renovation in Clyde.

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