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The 4 Best Shower Heads for Small Showers

Even the smallest of showers in the tiniest shower spaces can get upgraded to bigger, better shower heads for a real-time spa-like experience. The best choice of shower head for small showers would be compact in size; from half an inch to 12 inches in diameter. They can also be pivoted to a position or angle that best suits your space. Unless you plan on calling an expert for the bathroom renovation in Croydon Park, choose a head that is compatible with your existing configuration.

 Besides ensuring that you install a shower head that will work ideally in your space, you have to decide on choosing between a bunch of handheld, fixed or combined models based on your showering preferences. Here are four design heads that you can pick for your small showers:

  1. The Dual Head
    With its extreme popularity among shower enthusiasts, the dual shower head has tons of positives going for it. For one, the duality of the head can either be utilsied individually or at the same time since one of them is fixed while the other is hand-held with a 5-foot flexible hose that is easy to manoeuvre. The angle of the shower heads can be adjusted to fit in the prescribed bathroom space, making the usage economical.
  2. The Small but Fixed Head
    The small head is incredibly small, being half inch in diameter, but its power and high-quality is commendable with regards to the all-metal construction. The best part is that it is not even heavy on the pocket. Fixed and wall-mounted, the small shower head can be pivoted easily and allow you the adjust the angle in which water is sprayed. You can always choose a setting for the shower – pause or full spray – that reduces the water to trickles, while also maintaining the desired temperature.
  3. The Ceiling Head
     The ceiling-mounted shower head is a burst of luxury for your bathroom renovation in Croydon Park. It can easily transform a normal shower head into an oasis thanks to the water it sprays, gentle and calming. A ceiling-head shower set usually comes with a handle and head both that feature delicate brushed nickel finish, giving it the elegance a modernised bath space needs.
  4. The Small Filtered Head
     The small head is specifically designed to remove all kinds of heavy metals and chlorine from your water. It is made of durable plastic with a chrome finish and has a swivel ball joint that helps you adjust water angle. You can choose from the various spray settings from rain, massage to mist, rain and massage both. The installment is wall-mounted with a lower flow rate of 1.8 GPM.
    While getting the best shower heads off the market for your new bathroom, try to keep the eyes peeled for spray patterns that the showers offer, ensuring that you choose the one that meets your expectations best. Consider the finish of the product as well – matte black, bronze or somethign else – to match the overall aesthetic of your recent bathroom renovation in Croydon Park.

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