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Top 6 Ideas for Bathroom Mirrors

When planning a bathroom renovation in Dean Park, there are so many important elements and factors that need your attention. There are also a number of bathroom fixtures and fittings that may need an upgrade. One of these is none other than the bathroom mirror. From better lighting to added style to functional benefits, the bathroom mirror provides all that and more.

There are different types of bathroom mirrors that you can install in your space during a bathroom renovation in Dean Park. You can choose your ideal bathroom mirror according to the available space and your personal preference.

To help you decide the best mirror for your bathroom, our renovation and remodeling experts at Samcorp Bathrooms have listed below the top 6 bathroom mirrors you can install in your newly renovated bathroom.

Top 6 Bathroom Mirrors for Your Newly Renovated Bathroom
There are various mirrors available in the market that you can select for your bathroom. You can consider any below-listed bathroom mirrors for your newly renovated bathroom.

Framed Mirrors
Choose a framed mirror for your bathroom if you prefer elegance with style. It is quite a decent option and is available in various types.

You can look for different shapes and sizes in it. There are also different colors and styles that you can choose for your framed mirror.

Vanity Mirror
Also known as the makeup mirror, vanity mirror is generally small in size and can either be freestanding or wall-mounted. This mirror comes in many different shapes, forms and sizes so you can easily choose one that is best suited for your bathroom.

Lighted Mirrors
Also known as illuminated mirrors, lighted mirrors come with LED lights that help increase the amount of light available in a given space while also enhancing the overall appearance of your bathroom.

Lighted mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes. You can either select the fixed type and install it permanently on the bathroom wall wall or place a portable one on the countertop of your bathroom.

Ledge Mirrors
If you have limited space in your bathroom, you should consider installing a ledge mirror. You will not only get a mirror, but you will also get a lot of space to store your bathroom essentials.

There are different types of ledge mirrors available that you can choose from for your bathroom renovation in Dean Park.

Medicine Cabinet Mirror
This is an all-in-one option for all types of bathrooms. Whether you have a small bathroom or a big one, you can easily install a medicine cabinet mirror.

It is a simple mirror with space in front to place anything you want from bathroom essentials to small cute decor plants.

Pivot Mirror
This is one of the most unique options to consider when looking for a bathroom mirror. This type of mirror comes with a rod attached at the back that allows you to adjust its position according to your requirements.

Final Words
It is important to choose the best and the right bathroom mirror for your bathroom renovation in Dean Park given how mirrors can be a beautiful focal point of the space and can enhance the overall look and feel of it.

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