Bathroom Renovation Drummoyne

Bathroom Renovation in Drummoyne

No doubt, your bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the house. According to research experts, an average adult is likely to spend 416 days in the bathroom doing basic tasks such as showering, bathing, moisturizing and even reading books.

The comfort and beauty of a humble home are of utmost importance to a homeowner and therefore, a bathroom renovation in Drummoyne should be done based on the needs and concepts dreamed of. Minimalist bathroom designs are liked by many people because of their neat patterns, fixtures and smooth functionality. That makes the room look clean and wider. Here are five tips on how you can fulfil the dream of a minimalist bathroom design:

Make it Neutral

Always go for the neutral colour tiles that fill the bathroom floors and walls with a toned effect. A well-branded square is installed as a base on the right side of a bathroom above and another row that fills the entire floor. That neutral combination and bright colour make the bathroom look more hygienic, spacious and clean.

Combine with colours and textures

Try the neutral mixture by combining ceramics with other motifs such as decorations with simple accents. The black colour on the left side of any bathroom comes as a surprise element to the space through its neutral colour domination.

Put the natural light in

In order to maximise the minimalist look of your bathroom, you can consider adding a functional window that boosts the light from the sun. That way, your bathroom will feel more roomy and bright while you lie in a comfy bath and admire the view. A modern style bath is one of the focal points of a house and the look is kept minimal by layering the floor with white colour and taking away the clutter. During the bathroom renovation in Drummoyne, you can also add glass vases and bottles for the extra colour and some textured towels for interest.

Get the floating sink

In case you have a small bathroom in your home, try incorporating a floating vanity into the minimalist design plan. Having some negative space beneath the sink can open up a tiny bathroom visually, making it seem larger than it actually is. And if making the bathroom look larger is not a part of your renovation goals then you can always utilise the space under the sink for extra storage.

Overdoing it is not it

Always choose function over luxurious desire – what items need to be in the bathroom space and what do not. Keeping that free space empty is one way to fulfil your minimalist bathroom dreams. It is essential to remember that “less is more” and minimalism cannot be separated from the simplicity of open space and uncluttered areas.

If you have not jumped on the bandwagon to minimise your bathroom look then now is the time to make that bathroom renovation in Drummoyne happen. Feel free to pick from the various designs in the market and, if needed, call an expert to aid in the process.

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