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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Kids

If you are planning to renovate your kids’ bathroom, there are numerous exciting themes and decor ideas that you can look into for inspiration. Apart from maximum safety, ease and security, a kid’s bathroom should also be fun, colorful and creative.

 Thanks to all the cartoons and kids’ shows these days, you have plenty of styles and designs to choose from for your kids’ bathroom renovation in Eastern Creek.

Top 4 Bathroom Designs for Kids
 Check out our top picks for different themes that you can consider when planning your kids’ bathroom renovation in Eastern Creek.

 Aqua Mania
 Give your child’s bathroom a complete make-over into an underwater world with the help of an aquatic or underwater theme. Use the aqua shade for the interior decor where you can opt for patterned tiles that are designed in a way that the pattern represents or looks like fish scales.

 You can also paint the walls of the bathroom with your child’s favorite underwater creature and take the aquatic theme up a notch by placing underwater-inspired accessories. For instance, you can place a fish-shaped soap container on the sink, have a customized turtle-shaped bathtub installed, and other similar fixtures and decor pieces.

 Race Car Design
 If your child is fond of race cars, this is the perfect themed idea for your kid’s bathroom. From race-car wallpaper to tyre-shaped soap containers to race car wall art, there’s so much you can do here!

 Race car posters would also make a great addition to the overall look and feel of the bathroom, adding a fun, colorful element to the decor.

 Pink Theme
 If you have a little princess in your family, you should take care of her royalties! The ideal color scheme here is none other than pink and all the different shades of pink!

 During your kid’s bathroom renovation in Eastern Creek, opt for an ‘everything-pink’ theme where you can have the walls painted with a nice pink shade. Moreover, you can install patterned or textured tiles from the floor all the way to the ceiling to give it a luxurious touch.

 Do not forget to place gold-colored royal bathroom accessories for your princess such as a cute golden soap container, an elegantly-designed bathtub, or a cool showerhead, for instance.

 The Jungle Theme
For all those nature and animal-loving kids, a jungle-themed bathroom is just perfect. The best way to bring the jungle to your kid’s bathroom is to paint the walls green, or perhaps, create a statement wall by painting different jungle creatures on it.

 Another great option is to breathe some life into the space with the help of some plants and greenery. You can also have the cabinets painted in different jungle-inspired colors.

 Final Words
 To carry out such a creative bathroom renovation in Eastern Creek, it is best to hire professionals who can do justice and turn your kid’s dream bathroom into reality! Whatever theme you choose, Samcorp Bathrooms can help you execute your kids’ themed bathroom to perfection!

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