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Master Bathroom Renovation and Design Ideas

Master bathrooms are synonymous with luxury, maximum comfort, and relaxation in today’s time.

 They seem to be getting bigger in size, more luxurious and are designed in ways that transform them into lavish retreats where people can relax, take a breather and indulge in the grandeur of it all.

For your master bathroom renovation in Edensor Park, you must focus on design ideas that not only make the best use of the space, but also provide you a spa-like experience.

 Take a look at our top picks for master bathroom remodeling designs and features that you can consider for your upcoming renovation.

 Shower Bench
A shower bench in your master bathroom offers a number of amazing benefits, the most important of which is ultimate relaxation. If you are looking to create a spa-like environment in your bathroom, a shower bench is a must-have feature.

 Moreover, a shower bench also offers additional storage space where you can store your toiletries such as shampoos, scrubs and other things.

Freestanding Bathtub
 Nothing says luxury as well as a freestanding bathtub does. It’s considered to be the epitome of opulence in terms of bathroom designs, and rightly so.

 A freestanding bathtub can be a wonderful addition to your bathroom renovation in Edensor Park. They are the ultimate wow-factor in a bathroom and effortlessly create a strong visual impact.

 While it’s definitely more expensive than other types of bath designs, there’s no denying the fact that a freestanding bathtub will significantly boost the resale value of your home if you ever plan to sell it in the near future.

 Heated Toilet Seat
 A heated toilet seat in your master bathroom might sound like an unnecessary feature, but once you have it, there’s no going back!

It’s an absolute must-have for your big bathroom renovation in Edensor Park because it’s not just a measure of added luxury, but also warmth and comfort on cold, chilly mornings. When choosing a heated toilet seat for your bathroom, there are a few essential factors you need to consider such as size, shape, cost, weight capacity, and extra features such as auto-close, night light, remote control, etc.

 Heated Floors
If you want to take the luxury aspect of your master bathroom up a notch, consider installing heated floors. Also known as radiant heating, heated floors are a type of under-the-floor heating system that heats the floor, which, in turn, helps radiant warmth in the entire room.

 It’s an excellent feature to have in your master bathroom considering the added luxury, convenience and warmth that it has to offer.

 Final Word
 These are just a few of many renovation and design ideas for you to incorporate in your bathroom renovation in Edensor Park.

The idea here is to use the space efficiently, mix and match different features and accessories in ways that provide maximum functionality, and give the space a modern transformation so that you are able to enjoy the true benefits of a master bathroom.

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