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A Moldy Shower Curtain and its Preventive Measures

You know it more well than we do that shower curtains should be closed right after taking a long shower. The sole purpose of that is to let them dry between the folds. Take note of the fact that a moist shower curtain will boost the growth of mildew and mold which can be damaging to the texture and also make the curtain smell bad.

While trying to maintain a cleaner bathroom renovation in Five Dock, you have to make sure that the shower dividers are clean as well since they can easily collect dirt and mold that can cause your new shower space to stink, putting the user’s health at risk.

Why does mold accumulate so fast on the curtains?
Mold loves connecting with water. The growth of possible green mold on the newly hung shower curtain is usually caused by the water droplets that remain and get trapped inside the material after taking a shower. If given the supporting conditions, mold can form quickly under a day or two. The initial signs are the noticeable tiny black spots while moving forward to change into different colours such as pink, green or red.

Keeping a shower curtain mold-free: The How-tos
There are many ways of keeping the regular shower curtain mold-free and fortunately, they are not too complicated. First thing’s first, you can keep a shower curtain clean by washing them daily right after taking a shower. That ensures that the moisture droplets remaining on the cloth – cause for the mold – are removed. Some curtains are easy to wash in washing machines while others are only meant to be dealt carefully by hands. Keep your eyes pealed and make sure to read the label on the curtain pack before moving forward for washing. Take note of the fact that some curtain cloths cannot be placed in a dryer due to hot temperatures, depending on the region you reside in. The hotness can cause the material to either tear, burn or melt.

Another way of keeping the shower curtain mold-free during the bathroom renovation in Five Dock is shaking the shower curtain once you are done taking a shower. The best way is to stretch it out and shake it very lightly to get rid of all extra droplets, the excess water and moisture. Just like any other watered surface, this helps the curtain to dry faster. If your new bathroom has an installed vent or exhaust fan then make sure to turn it on to pull dry air into the bathroom space and get rid of the excess moisture from the bathroom walls as well as the curtain. Allow it to run for 15 minutes straight on the minimum.

Moreover, there is also the old-fashioned way of doing things like opening the bathroom door or window for cross ventilation or better air circulation to help your bathroom dry faster. Letting the direct sunlight and natural light inside the toilet will keep the space free from unwanted mildew or mold from developing on surfaces.

Admittedly, mold on shower curtains is disgusting and unsightly. It can also be an embarrassing moment when visitors catch sight of it, making your bathroom renovation in Five Dock seem unpleasant. Mold, sometimes, also presents bigger concerns such as aggravating asthma and other allergies. Therefore, the preventive strategies mentioned above should be noted in all seriousness!

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