Bathroom Renovation Greenfield Park

Bathroom Renovation Greenfield Park

Popular Features of A Modern Bathroom

Modern bathrooms are all about elegance, functionality, luxury, minimalism and durability.

 The trend for bathroom designs in today’s time is mostly geared towards aspects like minimal colours, top notch quality, and clean lines, to name a few.

 The idea is to create a relaxing sanctuary-like space where one can release the day’s stress, find comfort and unwind.

If you are planning to go for a full bathroom renovation in Greenfield Park to give your current conventional bathroom a modern makeover, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve created a list of some of the most popular features of a modern bathroom that will help you give some inspiration and ideas for your bathroom makeover.

 Heated Floors
This has to be one of the biggest trends that we’ve seen in most modern bathrooms lately. Heated floors scream luxury and modernity, but more than that, they are such a useful feature to have in a bathroom.

 Imagine waking up on cold mornings and stepping into your bathroom that’s radiating warmth all over, thanks to the heated floors! This feature works through a radiant heating system that produces heat through thermal radiation.

 As the name suggests, it warms up the floor by creating heat which is then absorbed by other items and objects present in your bathroom.

You should definitely consider heated floors for your upcoming bathroom renovation in Greenfield Park and the best part is they are also energy efficient which means you can save some money on energy bills.

 Freestanding Bathtub
Who doesn’t like a nice, long relaxing bath, right?

 If you do, too, consider getting a freestanding bathtub in your bathroom!

 Many modern style bathrooms have a freestanding bathtub due to a number of reasons such as its distinct style, easier and more flexible installation, choice of materials, and of course, the overall luxury of it.

You will also find such a vast variety of designs and styles of these tubs that help you create a personalized bathroom style that you want.

 Geometric Tiles
This is another feature that is synonymous with modern bathrooms.

 Geometric tiles offer a clean look, excellent visual appeal and a creative flair to any space where they are used. You can opt for whichever shape you like such as square, hexagon, rectangle, triangle and many other geometric shapes.

 The best part about geometric patterns is that they fit in anywhere and add a really modern touch. If you opt for a neutral coloured pattern, you can create a nice balance in your bathroom without making it look overwhelming.

Towel Warmers
Offering an ideal combination of comfort and luxury, towel warmers are another great feature to have in your modern bathroom.

 Towel warmers help heat up your towels right before you use them and then dry up as well once you are done.

 You can choose from mounted to freestanding designs, whichever aligns with your style and the overall theme of the bathroom.

 These are just a few of the many features of a modern bathroom that you can consider for your bathroom renovation in Greenfield Park.

While some of these upgrades might be costly, always remember that a modern bathroom will significantly boost the value of your home!

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