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How Do You Design a Japanese Style Bathroom?

Taking a step further in decorating your home, whether it is a subtle touch-up or a full-blown bathroom renovation in Greystanes, the experience can be exciting and make your home a more enjoyable place to live in. One of the most intriguing routes to create a space in your house that has a purpose is to incorporate the design culture like Japanese Zen and tranquil. Let’s consider converting the home space into a therapeutic affair through the Japanese art of bathing. The bathroom is a practical space used daily in a house and the Japanese have redefined this room’s purpose time and time again, highlighting its efficiency and peace factor.

A Decor that Pings the Senses
Much like the Japanese cherry-blossom trees and springtime gardens, a Japanese-style bathroom must be constructed keeping nature in mind. Utilising some green elements such as bamboo plants is key to creating a feeling that peaceful mother nature exists within the concrete constructs. The placement of these plants is just as important to make sure that pots are lined up appropriately to not overwhelm the senses. Adequate lighting is another element that should be closely considered while making a Japanese-style bathroom. In order to create a space that brings mental peace, harsh fixtures should be avoided. Some minimal accent pieces can help for a calmer, clearer experience during the bathroom renovation in Greystanes. 

The Tranquility of Tub Time
While it is common to not think of the bathroom as a place that is visited less frequently, the Japanese have a different take on this notion. In Japanese culture, a bathing area is a place for mental rejuvenation as much as it is for basic cleanliness. Because it is a place that is actively lingered, a Japanese-style bathroom is built for enjoyment and not just effective functioning. One of the recent incorporations in their bathrooms is a soaking tub. These could be placed in your new bathroom with the purpose of relaxation and giving yourself time to recollect thoughts and aspirations. 

The Essential Hygiene Factors 
The Japanese people have a clear focus when it comes to bathroom hygiene and relaxation. It is vital to understand that while these two concepts can work together, the Japanese prefer keeping them separate. In an authentic Japanese bathroom, you will always find a place of relaxation separated by a door or fence from the shower area to maintain hygiene. The bathtub is only a place for soaking and isn’t found in large sizes like other households. For your bathroom renovation in Greystanes, you can DIY a paper partition, sometimes used in place of a door in Japanese houses, to make the divide between the toilet and bath area prominent. You can also consider installing a bidet instead of making do with the standard toilet, enhancing the overall hygiene of the place. 

If and whenever you get the chance to create a Japanese-style bathroom for your home, make sure you take full advantage of the new trends, tips and tricks from Samcorp Bathrooms. Undoubtedly, bathroom areas tend to get overlooked by house members since it being the area of brief visitation. However, allow yourself the ability to incorporate benefits of cultural impact and design to build a space that is tranquil and also suitable for daily use. After all, all the magic relies on zen. 

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