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How to vent a bathroom with no outside access

No doubt, venting a bathroom space is an important activity to reduce the humidity levels inside and prevent mould formation. Most home bathrooms have exhaust fans installed for cross ventilation and what happens when a house has no outside access?

 Besides the vent fan, there are plenty of other options that pertain to venting a bath space when there is no outside access for installing an exhaust machine during the bathroom renovation in Haberfield. Let’s look into some of them.

  1. Using the ceiling vent
    Installing a ceiling vent during the renovation process is one of the best things you can do to your bathroom with no outside access. A ceiling vent is a unique structure that allows all moisture and air to escape the bath just like an open window. Getting the vent fixed will make sure your bathroom does not remain unnecessarily humid or moist.
  2. The floor duct vent
    Venting through the roof is always one option to let the humid air escape but becomes impossible if your bathroom is located far away from the exterior wall. That is one of the common problems in bathrooms built right beneath the stairwell.

 In bath spaces with no outside access, duct vents can be used to clean the air. A floor duct vent is a machine that utilised floor grates to remove all moisture and bad air from the bathroom. In other words, the system lets all noxious odour out and reduces moisture levels significantly. Ceiling vents, sometimes, are considered to be more efficient than duct vents due to their easy access.

  1. Venting through the joist
    Venting through the joist is similar to venting through the ceiling. Instead of waiting and relying on a complex duct-vent system for your bathroom renovation in Haberfield, you or the expert can cut a hole on the first floor of the joist cavity to vent all the bathroom air. This is one of the inexpensive and quicker ways of getting rid of moist air from the basement bathroom.
  2. The use of extra ducts
    The lack of ventilation in your bathroom can be due lack of one-floor ducts – having one installed when two or three are required. Therefore, if a single duct is not enough to provide ventilation and clean the air of mositure, simply add another option. In case one of your bathroom ceiling ducts is not functional, the situation is similar and calls for another installation, increasing the ventilation power.
  3. Wiping up the puddles
    The extra drips and drops on the bathroom floor should never be neglected. Take a mop and immediately wipe up any possible pools of water forming on the floor or droplets you notice with an absorbent bathmat. A puddle-free bathroom is always safer and also ensures lesser vent fan run time. That helps in preventing mould and possible mildew spore burst.

 Some bathroom processes can be DIY-ed while others need an expert hand. Installing air vents is part of the latter process. Don’t hesitate to look up a local contractor for getting a venting system for your bathroom renovation in Haberfield to determine which method is more appropriate for your situation.

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