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6 black bathroom designs you would want to show off

Many style enthusiasts and homeowners tend to stay away from installing black shade for bathrooms because the colour has a shrinking effect on an already small space. No doubt, black can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic, but if you are a fan of a timeless, classic look that can also make your bathroom renovation in Harris Park seem like a secret cave, black can be an artistically best choice. 

Unless the bathroom is large or has access to lots of natural light, it can be difficult to pull off a black-coloured theme. However, black accompanied by brighter shades can be an interesting way to show your design skills. 

Black never goes out of fashion and hence, ensures that your interior decor stays fresh for years to come. With a few yearly tweaks here and there and tips on black ideas mentioned ahead, you can refresh your bathroom to jet-black and set an A1 example for contemporary bathroom design. 

1.The Black Room: Birch Forest Wallpaper
You can cut your dark walls with a band of black wallpaper while adding a combination of brighter colours. That can subsequently reduce the overwhelming effect of an all-black room, giving your bathroom a characteristic ambience. 

2.The Traditional Black Powder Room
A traditional yet modern powder room design mixes both features from the old 70’s to the new 2000s for a unique and personalized look. Any distressed-looking mirror and a small statement chandelier can blend perfectly well into the modernised black background of your renovated powder room. 

3.The Black Double Vanity and Cabinets Make a Statement
For the bathroom renovation in Harris Park, consider getting a traditional style black double vanity and large cabinets on either side of the room. The modern light fixtures and shiny faucets can give the space a touch of contemporary design. Don’t be afraid to add colours, especially pink. Colourful pink accessories can easily pop out against the monochromatic background. 

4.Make It Green, Make It Serene
An all-black bathroom can look more alive if you consider adding green plants to every appropriate corner of the bathroom. Try adding very low light fixtures, plentiful pots and a floating light wood cabinet. Somehow, the latter design idea feels safe, warm and cosy rather than claustrophobic and oppressive. 

5.The Long Black Drape Trick
Is your new bathroom remodel Parisian-inspired? If your answer is “yes” to that question then consider getting a gauzy black drape that could mark an entrance to the bathroom. You can also invest in tile marks and two sinks instead of one and fill the space between them with French-style cabinets painted over black stripes. Now that is what we call a fusion of culture!

The black palette can be a great choice if you are looking for a focal point for striking bathroom designs for that bathroom renovation in Harris Park. Aside from the colour’s dramatic attitude and effect, it is extremely versatile and can work with a variety of decor designs, themes and inspirations, depending on what you pair it up with. Our experts at Samcorp Bathrooms are willing to help you pick out the best colour combination with a black fundamental bathroom style and make your room a true sight to see and a hundred percent show-off worthy!

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