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5 Fun Facts About Showering

 Taking a shower can either seem like a spa-like activity after the new bathroom renovation in Henley or come off as a routine gig, there is no in-between. Many of us rely on the fun of daily showers to feel at our best, freshest and cleanest but still don’t know some of the most fun facts about showering.

  1. Morning showers are not a new concept
    Yes, this fact may not be that surprising. The common truth is that most people shower in the morning probably because they want to be clean when they reach their workplace. Some recent statistics show that about 58 of people prefer taking showers in the morning, while others might take one later in the day. Showering, no doubt, is a great way to wake up and start the day!
  2. Loads of hair washing
     People tend to wash their hair 5 – 7 times per week. That means that certain individuals choose to shampoo their hair every time they take a shower. They might skip a day or two such as Sunday but definitely make shampooing a daily part of their shower experience, blowing up the billion-dollar hair care and beauty industry!
  3. Get crooned while getting cleaned
     In case you are a fan of singing and putting up a private show, there is a high percentage of chance that you like singing in the shower. Lots of people like to sing the “embarrassing” love songs as they soap up since the shower space is the best place to reach those high notes with the right echoes. Singing is also a form of therapy so don’t shy away from channelling your inner madonna after your home bathroom renovation in Henley!
  4. Showering is not always done solo
     People with children and partners tend to be quite open with how and whom they spend their shower time with. According to some surveys, about 73 per cent of men and women have partners around when they shower or otherwise share their spaces with other people around such as their kids or the elderly.
  5. Women often worry in the shower
     It is true, that many women wear several hats in life – they nurture others while also taking care of their careers and homes. For this reason, women are likely to ruminate over life problems and things they need to get done during their shower time. If you are a woman and use your shower experience as the hour to think about all that you need to accomplish or to ponder over troubled relationships, then it may be time to clear your mind instead! Daydreaming or hoping-well might help you manage stress better and utilise the watery downtime better. If you think you want more from each shower time, then think about installing a brand new shower head during the bathroom renovation in Henley, with exciting and practical features. Some modernised heads, for instance, help you indulge in a spa-like experience by providing all the settings – from spray to gentle rainfall – needed for legitimate leisure time. It is, indeed, possible to change your mood and enhance overall well-being by just clicking some buttons and choosing the perfect setting.

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