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How to Choose the Best Bathroom Mirror for your Home

Bathroom mirrors work like magic to enhance the overall look of the room. Even the smallest of mirrors can make a small space seem much larger. You may not be planning to build an infinitely large bath during your bathroom renovation in Huntley’s Cove but choosing the right reflectors can have an immense impact on the function and design of your toilet.

 Choosing Bathroom Mirrors: The Types
The styles that bathroom mirrors come in are varied and the best pick is party a personal choice since each design has its fair share of benefits and cons.

 – The Frameless
 The frameless mirrors are best suited for modern bathroom designs with their minimalist design, heavy frame and a lighter touch. Since there is no frame needed for the finish, frameless reflectors are easy on the pocket and can fit quickly into a particular space. You can have the glass customised to the required size and have it finished with a polished edge for a lasting, finishing touch.

 – The Ornate
 You also have the choice of going in the opposite direction from the minimalist blueprint and choosing something more ornate. The latter types are well-suited for traditional bathroom designs with vintage fixtures and styling. Unless you have a certain shape in mind, these ornaments can be easily bought from a thrift shop or local antique store.

 – The Vanity Cabinet
 If you are looking for more storage space in the bathroom as well as to boost the look of the space, then vanity cabinets should be your first choice of installation during the bathroom renovation in Huntley’s Cove. The cabinets come in various shapes and sizes so it is easy to match them with any type of bathroom. In an ideal situation, a vanity cabinet should be installed into the wall rather than being mounted on a surface. The former helps the look blend into the overall decoration, standing out from being an ordinary mirror.

– The Suspended Mirror
Mirrors do not have to be mounted on the wall every time. A suspended mirror adds a different feel to it by putting a personalised touch forward to the new bathroom design. It also provides more wall options for the homeowner in case the surface is stone or some other material that makes the mirror difficult to be mounted. Don’t be afraid to go big if time and options call for it. A large mirror can always give you plenty of viewing space, not taking up much room, making the bathroom seem larger than it really is.

While picking the best mirror option for your bathroom, keep in mind that as a decor enthusiast, you must choose a frame to match the style of your bath space. An unusual shape is sometimes the best fit amongst all. If you think your new bathroom renovation in Huntley’s Cove is very minimalistic, then any frameless pick with a simple square shape may work wonders!

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