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6 Storage and Organising Ideas for the Bathroom Vanity

The good ol’ vanity is more than often a workhouse solution when it comes to organising the home bathroom space. However, there is more than one option when it comes to setting up a vanity or re-decorating the one you already have.

 Mentioned below are six storage and organising ideas for the bathroom renovation in Huntley’s Point to get your vanity looking and working perfectly from the inside and out.

  1. The Open Shelf Vanity
    Keeping a bunch of dry towels stacked on open shelves is a common practice and design for many reasons. Using an open shelf in the middle section gives you the flexibility to tuck in baskets and other toiletries around the plumbing, maximising bathroom space. Moreover, open shelves can also be quite appealing to the naked eye since it gives vanities an overall lighter look.
    Keep in mind though that open shelves are not always installed under the sink. In a relatively small bath space, positioning a single-sink vanity to one side is a viable solution to make more space in the bathroom, giving it a more structured look and doors forming their own symmetry line.
  2. The Basic Doored Cabinets
    Another option on the list to make maximum use of the space under sinks and around piping is to install a basic doored cabinet with open shelves inside. Some designs include pullouts which can also house loose items and baskets, whichever you prefer, to fit many objects or larger pieces. The pullouts roll outwards, making it easy for the user to see and reach out for the pieces stored in the back.
  3. The Shallow Drawers
    A shallow drawer or retreat design usually has a notch in it which wraps around the piping to utilise the entire depth beside it. The main aim of the shallow-type cabinets is to make sure every inch of space is used wisely during the bathroom renovation in Huntley’s Point and avoid hitting the main sink. In general terms, every draw you add to the vanity will increase the cost but also boost the overall functionality. Compared to proper drawers, the interior ones will cost a bit less because they don’t need their front or handle.
  4. The Thin Drawers
    The 5-inch “thin” drawers are also helpful and can work well around a sink. They are also capable of holding in small items such as razors and make-up items without letting anything drop and get mixed up at the bottom. Of course, installing a bunch of thin drawers will cost more than putting up a few larger drawers but the added organisation in the trade-off can be a worth-it long-term investment.
  5. The Toe-Kick Drawers
    As the name suggests, a toe-kick bathroom drawer can “kick-off” some extra space in the bathroom into an additional storage area for the less commonly used items or a backup stash of paper rolls. By all means, they should be constructed carefully to avoid the floors from getting scraped or stuck so prepare that pocket to spend more than a typical toilet cabinet.
  6. The Double Drawers
    Not all bathroom products can fit into the slim 5-inched drawers and sometimes a super-deep cabinet is not enough to store extra products and also fit in with the look of a traditionally styled bathroom. In these kind of situations, consider installing a double-depth drawer with two smaller fronts to blend in with the overall design and an extra knob on the second drawer to complete the illusion.

Well-organised cabinets in a new bathroom renovation in Huntley’s Point are key to peaceful mornings and relaxing evenings. Follow the ideas mentioned above for better bathroom organisation and make the space a recluse from everything unpleasant!

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