Bathroom Renovation in Mortlake

Bathroom Renovation in Mortlake

6 Ideas for a Small Bathroom Renovation Mortlake

Looking for ideas to make your small bathroom seem bigger? Well, so is the whole of manhattan. The lack of natural light, square footage, and a number of fixtures to squeeze into a small bathroom space are some of the biggest challenges for a design enthusiast. However, if done right, the whole space can seem bigger and brighter, making your attempts at the bathroom renovation in Mortlake worth it.

 The small bathroom ideas go two steps beyond making most of the available space in the room, proving that some of the boldest designs can be imprinted in the tiniest surroundings. Here are some of the best six ideas to turn half-baths and powder rooms into less cramped and more enjoyable situations for yourself and your loved ones. Your bathroom may just become your next favourite at-home hangout spot.

  1. The colours look good light and bright
    The wooden floor and vanity always give a city bathroom a warm, serene feeling. A soft-mint hue paired with natural light from the window makes the room feel more open as does the lightweight curtain fabric surrounding the free-standing tub which allows maximum light to enter.
  2. Mirroring a wall
    Rather than hanging a mirror above the vanity, consider mirroring a whole wall in your tiny bathroom space near the bathtub. The reflection of the light coming in, and sometimes the door, will do the same good work of lighting up a rook just like the window does.
  3. Double the darkness
    Some people might be surprised at having to double down on darker shades for small bathrooms but a mixture of black and red does create an illusion of a larger space. Consider going for a high-gloss in a super dark colour. The hue will together impart a night-sky effect, bouncing off the little light you have surrounding the space. That will call for a light fixture change during the bathroom renovation in Mortlake, getting bulbs that bring in plenty of light and don’t mind being pronounced.
  4. Lift those curtains
    If you have the luxury of choosing where your shower curtains go in the new and improved bathroom, then consider taking the fabric all the way up past the usual height of the bathtub. Extending the curtain straight towards the ceiling will elongate the wall, making the space seem larger. The taller the ceiling in your bathroom, the more this will help.
  5. Tile it up
    Tiles can be used from the floor to ceiling and can be a good way to add significant impact. For smaller bathroom spaces, it is recommended to get ceramic tiles that are small; one-by-four and two-by-six floor tiles. The latter type is also easy on the pocket and fixes quickly on the bathroom walls with finesse.
  1. The pocket door
    This trick can be a little labour intensive but you can consider replacing your door with a pocket door that tucks away into the wall and open up for additional storage. The bathtub will seem smaller while you can find another spot to hang the bath towels.

These are some of the ambitious bathroom ideas that you can use for the bathroom renovation in Mortlake. You can always get linked with an expert at Samcorp Bathrooms to get the work done faster, better and meet all the needs for a small-spaced home toilet.

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