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Vintage-Style Bathroom Renovation Ideas

If you want your bathroom to look expensive and classy then vintage is the way to go. Vintage pieces in your bathroom renovation in Mount Lewis can really set it apart from the same old boring modern-style bathroom that has become an eye-sore. With this guide, you will find some of the best features that you can add to your vintage bathroom to elevate it while giving a nod to the old style of bathroom. With these ideas, you can keep your vintage bathroom functional yet beautiful.

Choose A Console Sink
A console sink is a mixture of a wall mounted sink with a vanity. It stands on its legs while being supported by your bathroom wall. In the early 20th century, these sinks were a sign of wealth and luxury. So, having one in your vintage bathroom will be a big statement. They add an element of interesting design that is very eye-catching and they are a great way to easily make your bathroom look vintage.

Install Separate Hot And Cold Taps
This style is still extremely popular in Britain with many households opting to have separate cold and hot taps. They are a style that was used hundreds of years ago to prevent cross contamination and keep cold water drinkable. These days, a separate cold and hot water sink is a way to make your bathroom look vintage and interesting. They add an element of opulence and show an appreciation for past bathroom design.

Splash Out On Stained Glass
Stained glass in a bathroom is not only a great way to easily decorate your vintage-style bathroom but it also helps with privacy concerns. You can keep your bathroom looking stylish while remaining away from the peeping eyes of neighbors. They add a fun texture to your bathroom windows and throw swaths of coloured light across your bathroom when sunlight hits the window. This is a great option for your next bathroom renovation in Mount Lewis as it keeps your bathroom looking vintage and stunning.

Add A Curtained Tub
Another cool way to add privacy in your vintage bathroom is by hanging a curtain around your bathtub. This is a style that was used by the nobility in the olden days and will add an element of opulence to your bathroom. It is very easy to employ this renovation idea in your bathroom and will make it look extremely fancy.

Opt For Ornate Basins
Ornate basins are another way of adding a hint of vintage-style to your bathroom. You can pick from a large variety of sinks to renovate your bathroom with. Some ornate basins are extremely charming and have a bewitching effect on any bathroom user. They are a great way to incorporate a vintage classic into your bathroom.

Stay Vintage Stay Classy
With these ideas you can now have your very own vintage bathroom. Use these tips in your bathroom renovation in Mount Lewis and make any one entering your bathroom jealous of its vintage luxury. With these designs and ideas, you will have the best vintage bathroom that can be comparable to the bathroom of nobility.

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