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Retro-Style Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Retro is making a comeback. Over the years, modern style sleek and pristine bathrooms took over the bathroom renovation industry. But some people held on to the old ways and now, retro-style bathrooms are back. These “outdated” styles give your bathroom a feeling of class and opulence with the blast from the past aesthetic. So, for your next bathroom renovation in Punchbowl, make sure to consider a retro-style bathroom.

From penny floors to extravagant bathroom furniture, this guide will tell you all the features you should add to your retro-style bathroom renovation. This will let you take inspiration from the past and create a feel of the golden age in your very own bathroom. Here are the top ideas for a retro-style bathroom.

Install a Penny Tile Floor
A penny tile floor is a great way to jazz up your bathroom renovation in Punchbowl. It creates an absolutely stunning design on your bathroom floor that you can gaze at for hours. These floors are not only gorgeous but also functional as they are sturdy and resist corrosion. They are made to last forever which is probably why they have stood the test of time and are still an extremely popular tile option for bathrooms.

Choose a Clawfoot Tub
Clawfoot tubs are another way to incorporate a retro-style into your bathroom. They are a very stunning-looking piece that almost look like a decorative item. They have a longstanding history of being associated with class and luxury. Clawfoot tubs are also very functional as they can easily be cleaned. They are also a popular choice because they are very easy to move to any part of your bathroom.

Paste Some Geometric Wallpaper
Another great idea for a retro-style bathroom is a geometric wallpaper. They make a classic statement when added to a bathroom and give it that sought after vintage feel. If you manage to find a great geometric wallpaper that looks vintage, it will add a whimsical touch to your bathroom while keeping it looking modern.

Get a Large Whimsical Mirror
A unique-looking mirror can be a great touch in your retro-style bathroom. It is a very easy way to make your bathroom renovation in Punchbowl feel lavish yet practical. Try to look out for mirrors with extravagant detailing or a copious amount of pattern on the frame. A mirror that is framed in metal or one that is oddly shaped will work the best in your retro-style bathroom makeover.

Bathroom Furniture
If you have a large bathroom then consider adding in some furniture to make it look more retro. Interesting and old-looking furniture will make a great addition to a retro-style bathroom. You can opt for a comfy couch with large armrests or even an armchair where you can do your makeup. You can even add some tables with plants or decor to make your bathroom look luxurious.

Retro Never Goes Out of Style
We are constantly taking inspiration from the past for our design ideas and so you know that retro will never go out of style. Employ this principle in your next bathroom renovation in Punchbowl and you too can have the best retro-style bathroom.

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