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What is Frameless Shower Door?

Have you ever heard of a frameless shower door? Sounds strange when you said it out loud, doesn’t it? Well, in order for you to understand how a frameless door works for your bathroom renovation in Putney, let’s shed some light on the functioning of doors that do, indeed, have a working frame.

A Framed Shower Door: What is it?
If you are planning to go for a holistic bathroom remodel, there is a strong chance that you have already come across a wide range of framed door enclosures. There is no doubt that frame door enclosures provide an anchor for the shower space and are well known for their versatility and low price tags on the market, without compromising on the aesthetics.

The framed door is made of metal affixed around the whole piece including the door. This style creates the enclosing frame similar to what you would see around a printed photo or painting. With an open frameless enclosure, however, there is no metal surrounding it and only hinges that meet the panel. This kind of design pushes for a more open and modern feel to the bath space and practically eliminates the gunk that can be built up between the metal and glass.

The Durability and Construction of the Frameless One
While the frameless door creation can be a good addition to the aesthetics and function of your new bathroom, it is a sturdy and dependable upgrade to the space. Due to its firm construction and intricate mechanics, a frameless door is able to maintain the strength and integrity needed to use the glass clamps and hinges. A metal header can be sometimes used as well depending on your bathroom renovation in Putney, wall placement and other factors. Keep not that the header is not installed on the door but on the glass enclosure itself.

Where Should it Swing Though?
Bathroom safety should always be your top priority while remodelling the space for the new home. The glass shower construction can call for delicate planning whenever you decide to take the plunge and upgrade the doors. It is vital to note that in order to make a frameless shower door safe for you and the family, the swing has to move outwards. It can also swing both ways, if that is the way you want it but be sure to now spray water on the seam for the lack of a seal. The lack of the latter can cause water to seep through the gaps in the hinges. In the end, just make sure you have plenty of room to swing the door both ways.

All in all, frameless shower doors are easier to clean and maintain due to the lack of frame. A proper glass door installation needs research and planning, with professionals at Samcorp Bathrooms needing a drill to set up certain materials. Make sure you have all the resources at your service for the bathroom renovation in Putney before you fall in love with a frameless “magic” door!

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