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Shower Vs Bathtub: Which Is Best For You

Even though both options are extremely popular in all homes there are certain benefits and downsides of each. To pick between a shower or a bathtub, you need to consider your own individual needs and the needs of your family. Here are the pros and cons you should keep in mind during your bathroom renovation in Regents Park.

Pros of Bathtubs:
Bathtubs are a great way to get a spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home. They make it so you spend a longer time on self-care when you decide to bathe which gives you ample time to unwind after a stressful day. You can light some candles around and sprinkle a few handfuls of rose petals into the water and viola, you have a home spa. You can even choose a fancy bathtub that includes features like jets, whirlpools etc.

Baths are also ideal if you have small children. They can easily breathe themselves and be safe in a bathtub. Additionally, bathtubs come in a big variety of sizes which means you can get one that will work for all members of the family. They can even be placed anywhere in your bathroom or shifted if you get the free standing varieties.

Cons of Bathtubs:
Bathtubs also have some cons that you need to consider before investing in one. Firstly, bathtubs can be very difficult to use for people who are elderly or have mobility issues. They also take up a ton of space in your bathroom so they would not be the smartest choice for a small bathroom. Additionally, they need a lot of water for you to be able to use them with each bath and this can add up to your water bill over time. Finally, filling the tub can take a lot of time and you would need a high-quality water heater to get a large amount of warm water for your bath.

Pros of Showers:
Showers are great because they are a quick way to get clean. They use very little water, especially if you get the right kind of showerhead. They are also good for people who are older or have trouble with mobility as they can be curbless and include grab rails. They take up very little space in your bathroom and they come in a large variety of choices. With a shower, you can be efficient, save money and keep your bathroom renovation in Regents Park accessible for all kinds of people.

Cons of Showers:
Showers do not work well if your bathroom needs to be used by children. They also take more time to clean than bathtubs do which can be problematic if you lead a busy lifestyle. Finally, box showers tend to need regular fixes as they can leak quite often. This can be a burden on your pocket and a huge inconvenience.

Shower or Tub
Now that you know the pros and cons of a shower vs. a tub you can easily decide which is the best for your bathroom renovation in Regents Park. Both have many desirable qualities but you will need to pick the best one for your bathroom according to your individual needs.

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