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Reasons Why Patterned Tiles Are Ideal for the Bathroom

If you are looking to give your old, dull bathroom a new look and add life to it without having to go through a complete bathroom renovation in Kings Park, patterned tiles are your best friend.

With an endless variety of colors, styles and designs, patterned tiles are the ideal solution for breathing life into a lifeless space while also adding a touch of modern aesthetics to it.

There are many reasons why you should consider patterned tiles for your bathroom, whether you are looking to upgrade the flooring of your bathroom, the walls, or both. A statement tiled wall is also a great way to add visual appeal and interest to an otherwise boring space.

Take a look at some of the biggest reasons why patterned tiles are ideal for your bathroom renovation in Kings Park.

Variety of Styles and Designs
One of the best things about patterned tiles is that there are so many amazing styles and designs to choose from, each of which is different from the other.

Some popular patterns that you are likely going to find in most homes include diagonal, floral, octagonal, checkerboard, pinwheel, zig-zag, herringbone, and windmill. We have a large variety of patterned tiles at Samcorp Bathrooms for you to choose from and give your bathroom a new look!

Your choice of the tile pattern or design should be based on a number of factors, including the size of your bathroom. The size is an important factor to consider because there are some types of patterned tiles that can help make a small space look bigger, and some that can make a small room look even smaller. So, explore different tile options and choose wisely!

Creativity At Its Best
Regardless of what type of patterned tiles you choose for your bathroom, creativity is an absolute given. They feature a sense of glam, drama and luxury and with all that comes a flair of drawing attention and making a unique statement.

Thanks to the wonderful range of colors, designs and styles available in patterned tiles, you can choose any you like according to the theme of your bathroom, and give a nice personal touch to the given space.

Ideal for the Walls and Floors
Another reason why patterned tiles are so popular among homeowners is that they are multi-purpose – you can use them for both the walls and floors of your bathroom. You can easily transform the whole look of your bathroom with the help of vibrant, textured and colorful tiles during your bathroom renovation Kings Park.

Homely, Inviting Look
A standout feature of patterned tiles is their ability to create a warm, homely, inviting look that helps bring the space together, removing the possibility of vacant spaces.

Patterned tiles, by design, have that ‘busy’ looking effect that helps create a cohesive, homogenous look and appeal, bringing together all the different elements of your bathroom together.

From creating a feature wall in your bathroom using patterned tiles to installing zebra patterned tile flooring, you can trust patterned tiles to give your bathroom a beautiful makeover. And that too, without having to do much or going through any kind of hassle – isn’t that the best part?

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