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3 Ways to Say Goodbye to Bathroom Grime and Grout

A grubby bathroom is more than just an eyesore, it can become a health hazard too. The latter is one reason why we want to further discuss the ways of cleaning your bath grime and grout like a professional.

 The general first is relatively easy to get rid of, but when it comes to crusty scale and stains, the matter goes on a new tangent. What looks bad on the outer surface of the faucets may also slowly seep in and damage the pipes internally. Keeping the safety of the pipes in mind, mentioned ahead are the 3 ways in which you can get rid of the stubborn grout and have your bathroom renovation in Lakemba secured.

  1. Don’t hold back on the lime
    Lemon works wonders on both the body and mind and against grimy bathroom surfaces. Apart from using the yellow critters for making lemonade or mixing in different foods, you can also use the same for your remodelled bath space. Water stains can get really annoying especially if your clear glass shower gets all matted and blurred. You can either scrub the lime juice gently on the targeted surface and let it sit for a few minutes or spray the area for an even application and less abrasive solution. Once the liquid has settled for a few minutes, use a microfiber cloth to rinse and wipe them and voila!
  2. A vinegar wonderland
    No, it is not a crazy thought but true that vinegar is one of the best substances for breaking through a crust build-up. In fact, many on-the-shelf cleaning products aim to tackle lime having a certain percentage of vinegar in them. Try mixing a few drops of vinegar with water and salt, douse a cloth thoroughly and wipe all areas where grout is collating. If you have a problem with the shower head collected grime, unscrew it and soak it in the mixture overnight, removing any build-up of lime that you went unnoticed.
  3. The magic of acidic deep cleaning
    No doubt, hydrochloric acid sounds scary for a bathroom renovation in Lakemba but don’t fret about it. The concentrated liquid is commonly found in many cleaning products, only under a different label so you can use it yourself while taking the right precautionary measures. First thing’s first, use the acid to remove mould since it will be less effective on lime. Grab a pair of gloves and fling the bathroom window open as the acid itself is very pungent and can be harsh on the skin upon contact. Identify the surfaces you want to be cleaned and then make a solution of three parts water to one part chemical, before applying to the moulded spots. Leave the solution to stay then rinse away. It is a fairly simple process, making sure you are not putting yourself in any danger.

 In the end, prevention is always better than cure which is why it is better to reduce the risk of lime formation and mould, rather than waiting for them to collect on the bathroom surfaces and tackling it later on. In the case of mould, the cause is too much moisture in the air so make sure to always ventilate your bath space properly. Add some plants to the area instead to balance out the wet surroundings, drying the surfaces quicker and in a better way. Feel free to call up Samcorp Bathrooms in case you require more information on keeping your bathrooms clean and bathroom renovations in Lakemba intact.

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