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Bathroom Renovation in Lalor Park

The summer season is all about cheerful and fun colours, and the same applies to bathroom colour trends and themes.

2023 has seen a growing trend of natural hues featuring a touch of bright and bold pops of colour that promote relaxation and warmth while giving your bathroom an instant facelift. We’ve compiled a list of popular colour trends for the summer season to inspire your upcoming bathroom renovation in Lalor Park.

Teal for A Beachy Vibe

The colour teal depicts an ideal combination of bold and calm given how it has a beachy touch to it and reminds one of the shades of the ocean. A teal interior in your bathroom either as a backdrop or in the form of a statement wall is perfect for those looking to create a beachy vibe that fosters a sense of calm and comfort.

Sunny Yellow

Summer and sun go hand in hand, and there’s no reason why you can’t bring the whole sunny feature right in your bathroom!

Yellow has to be one of the most popular colours for a bathroom for the summer season considering how it literally screams summer! It’s exciting, warm and the perfect representation of utter joy. This colour not only makes an amazing visual impact, but also helps one experience feelings of calm, comfort and warmth.

Shades of Green for An Earthy Feel

Green never goes out of style when it comes to interior colour trends and rightly so. If you are hoping to achieve an earthy, nature-inspired feel for your big bathroom renovation in Lalor Park, you can look into different shades of green such as mint, lime, emerald, olive, pistachio and so many others.

You can either go for a bold, bright green statement wall or opt for an all-green bathroom in a nice pastel shade.

Off-White with A Touch of Natural Wood

If there’s one colour that can never go wrong for interior design is white. When it comes to bathroom colours, off-white, in particular, is a wonderful option. It’s visually pleasing, refreshing, clean, modern, and goes well with almost all colours. When paired with natural wood, off-white looks absolutely beautiful!

So, for your bathroom renovation in Lalor Park, you can go for a full off-white bathroom interior with either a wooden flooring, accent wooden wall, hardwood vanity cabinet, or floating wooden shelves.

Soft Blue Like the Sky

The summer colour palette is incomplete without soft blue for it’s not just a beautifully pleasant colour, but it also represents the blue summer sky. It’s an ideal colour choice for the interior of your bathroom and even if you were to paint the whole space blue, it would still look and feel amazing. Blue is considered to be quite a neutral colour and the chances of going wrong with this warm hue are very low.

Your choice of colour can make or break the overall look and appeal of your bathroom so make sure to give it careful consideration before you decide on a colour.

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