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How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity

It is acceptable to want to remove the bathroom vanity yourself but not while ripping the entire wall out. Creating a thorough blueprint is always a good idea before diving into a bathroom renovation in Leichhardt and ripping off the vanity cabinets. If the set-up is worn out, you may be able to put it out on the curb or list it on eBay for a potential buyer. However, if the tearing out is just the beginning of a potential makeover of your bathroom space, you may want to rent a dumpster truck to handle all the debris, for starters. Yes, removing your decade-old bathroom cabinet is possible without gaping a hole in the wall and this chapter will tell you how.

Make it east, make it clean
The DIY-ers put holes in the wall for two main reasons: they rip out the backsplash or they forget to remove the mounting screws attached to the vanity. For mounting screws, you can simply pry the vanity away from the wall and insert wood shims. Next, have a look at the backside to locate any remaining screws. Take a flashlight to have a better look for heads that you may have missed.

Always remember to disconnect the plumbing prior to removing the vanity cabinets. You can do that by first turning off the hot and cold water valves located beneath the sink. You can then disconnect all the plumbing below your sink. You would also need to remove the backsplash by cutting through caulking between the top and the wall. Do the same for the side splash using a razor knife.

Remove it, smoothen it
Once the sink and vanity top has been removed successfully, you can access the cabinet that is left. As mentioned before, during the bathroom renovation in Leichhardt, figure out where and how the cabinet is attached to the wall and if there are nails and screws that need to be pulled out. When the fasteners are taken out, the cabinet removal becomes more convenient. In case it is too large to fit in the doorway and you are not planning to reuse it, you can cut it into smaller pieces with a reciprocating saw.

Time to repair and clean up
The tough part is over now it is time to clean up and repair any possible damage caused to the wall and flooring. The first step is to assess any damage to the floor and sub-floor and remove the remaining caulk from the wall. Vacuum up the dust and debris left behind from all the sawing and finally, fill in the holes if any are left. Plan ahead to patch or paint the wall before installing the brand new vanity, especially if the new cabinet is smaller or bigger than the old one.

And that is it! There is all there is to it when it comes to removing a bath space cabinet without rupturing the interior of your precious bathroom. If you still think doing it yourself would be a hard task, don’t hesitate to call up the local expert for your bathroom renovation in Leichhardt. A risk is not worth taking if it does not get you the desired result

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