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The Bathroom Tiles: 4 Best Combos for Your Modern Taste

Deciding on the various combinations of tiles for your bathroom, depending on your personality, style and taste can prove to be a real challenge. It is, therefore, important to do a fair bit of research on how to personalise your bath space before taking the plunge on the bathroom renovation in Liberty Grove.

Coloured tiles for bathrooms – The combinations
The best tile combination for your bathroom is simply the one that you like the most. From the wide variety of options, it all depends on what you want to reflect through that space. On the other hand, the ideal colour for a bathroom is based on the effect you want to achieve, for instance, if you want a brighter look for the bath, then it is best to opt for a lighter tone such as white. For a more modern touch and contrast, you can pick some shades of grey along with black in some areas.

In case you are looking to create a neutral and elegant bathroom, light brown or beige are must combinations, mirroring a unique and cheerful feel. Go for the pastel tones as they will be the safest bet to fill this space with joy and vitality.

Next comes the grey-tiled bathroom. The grey hue is elegant and reflects a strong personality. While neutral shades are stapled, classic and timeless, grey matches perfectly with the white tiles and just about any style of flooring.

The white-tiled bath space is another elegant combination worth considering during the bathroom renovation in Liberty Grove. A white effect, as they call it, is an ideal choice for those that adore light and spaciousness. Some of the world’s biggest interior magazines feature the “White Concept” with white models and a smooth, textured option that, once placed together, creates an intriguing effect to a bath space with white tiles.

Another tile combo that works for most style enthusiasts is beige. The latter tone is sophisticated and gives off a warm effect that transcends time. If that is, indeed, the style you want to evoke in your bathroom, then try installing tiles with the beige tone for your new bath look.

Small bathrooms? No problem
It is always the same goal for smaller bathrooms: visually enlarge the space. Beyond the use of mirrors and total white tones as vanishing points, stone and wood are said to be the most natural combination for a tiny bath. Stone and wood together can be ideal to enlarge smaller areas. To achieve the wanted visual effect, create a frieze that runs halfway along the bathroom in a contrasting tone, installed horizontally.

Tiles are one of the most used materials in a bathroom, so picking the right one for your bathroom renovation in Liberty Grove is important to kick up the bath style. Feel free to reach out to experts at Samcorp Bathrooms to help you choose the best tiles for your humble abode, and boost its overall market value.

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