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5 Amazing Ideas For A California-Style Bathroom Renovation

California-style bathrooms are becoming more and more popular with bathroom renovations in Lidcombe. A California-style bathroom will make a very attractive and open setting that will put anyone using your bathroom at ease. California style is also known as California casual or even California cool. It makes use of light Mediterranean-looking tones as well as natural light and open spaces. The main purpose of a California-style bathroom is to create a feeling of ease and comfort. It makes you feel connected to nature in an airy space.

Here you will find a guide to what exactly you should incorporate in your California-style bathroom. This list will let you know the best and most sought-after features of a California-style bathroom.

 Mediterranean Terracotta Tiles
 In California-style bathrooms, the main focus of color should be the floor. While you keep your walls light and white in keeping with California style, add a pop of color with some beautiful terracotta tiles. These can be in a geometric pattern and include colors like black, gray, or blue.

Persian Style Rug
Another fun way to bring attention to your floor is by adding a luxurious Persian rug to your bathroom floor. This works very well in a large bathroom so if you are doing a big bathroom renovation in Lidcombe then you should definitely use this easy renovation idea.

Natural Light
Having a good amount of natural light entering your bathroom is what is going to give it the most intense California feel. When you make a bathroom renovation in Lidcombe make sure you have very large windows installed in your bathroom. One of the best spots for a giant window in your California-style bathroom will be behind your bathtub. You should also think about a skylight if you think that privacy will be a concern.

A really easy way to make your bathroom renovation in Lidcombe more Californian is by adding succulents on your bathroom shelves and countertop. This gives the vibe that your bathroom is more connected to nature with a little splash of green. Succulents are a great option to keep because they are super easy to maintain. If you really do not want to have the bother of having to remember to water plants, you can even add some fake plants to your bathroom.

Shower Panel Not Cubicle
Open space is a big part of the California style. Ditch your cubicle shower in favor of a completely clear shower panel. This will make your bathroom look far bigger and airier. A box as a shower just does not work in a California-style bathroom and since a glass panel is so functional, why would you not want one?

Casual like California
Keep your bathroom looking spacious, airy, and light, and viola you have a California-style bathroom. Design choices will play a massive role in your bathroom renovation in Lidcombe so make sure you know your stuff before you dive into it. With this list, you have a clear sense of what you will need and you will soon be able to enjoy your new California-style bathroom.

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