Bathroom Renovation Marayong

Bathroom Renovation Marayong

Tub-to-Shower Conversion for Bathroom Renovation

Bathtubs are a significant component of a bathroom. While bathtubs are synonymous with luxury and comfort, it is natural for people to often get bored of their old bathtub and look for a change. Many people look for tub-to-shower conversion during a bathroom renovation in Marayong.

For a bathroom renovation in Marayong, the conversion from tub to shower is a great option to consider if you prefer showers over baths, and our experts at SamCorp Renovations can help you with the conversion.

Benefits of Tub to Shower Conversion
You can enjoy multiple benefits from a tub to shower conversion during your bathroom renovation.

New Layout
A new shower is essentially like changing the layout of your bathroom. There are different types of showers available that you can install in your bathroom such as custom showers, prefabricated showers, waterfall showers, and many others.

During the tub to shower conversation, you can also update the existing theme and design of your bathroom to create a new look.

Increased Space
The bathtub occupies a lot of space, and its presence can give an overcrowded look to the bathroom, especially one that is small in size. When you opt for tub-to-shower conversion, you can expect some extra room in your bathroom since most showers don’t occupy a lot of space.

Design the shower area with classy tiles and opt for a nice color theme to give it a bright and energetic ambiance. Also, do not forget to install an excellent shower head that supports different types of water-throwing patterns.

Add More Style
After removing the old bathtub for tub to shower conversion, you will get an empty that you can utilize to add more style to the interior of your bathroom.

There are several different options that you can consider for the styling of your shower area. For instance, you can add a skylight for a natural light source or floor to ceiling tiles to give it a more luxurious touch. You can also install glass sliders for a partial separation of the shower area from the rest of the bathroom.

Shower with Comfort
A great thing about showers is that they are super versatile. For instance, if you have enough space in your bathroom for a large shower area, you can have a shower bench installed in the space! You can then take a seat during your shower, and shower in style and comfort!

Shower benches make an excellent relaxing spot, but more than that, for people with mobility issues, the benches can be a wonderful aid to make the showering process easy and hassle-free for them.

Final Word
Both bathtubs and showers have their fair share of benefits to offer, so it only comes down to your personal preference and the available space.

During your bathroom renovation in Marayong for the tub to shower conversion, our professional remodeling and renovation experts can help design a modern, functional shower area for you that is in line with your style, your requirements and the overall theme of your bathroom.

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