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4 Ways to Perk Up a Windowless Bathroom

You know as they say: natural light can make or break a bathroom. But what happens when your bath space has no windows to begin with?

 While there is no beating natural light seeping, there are ways to make the half-bath or powder room feel a little less claustrophobic and perkier for your bathroom renovation in Melrose Park. To hack the “lighting”problem, the experts at Samcorp Bathrooms give us strategies when dealing with a bath space with closed-in areas.

 – Lean towards the dark It may seem counterintuitive coating the walls with a darker paint to make the space seem dimmer, but dark does not always mean gloomy. Many designers opt for remodeling windowless bathrooms by making them into a moody retreat. That makes the absence of windows almost deliberate and part of an intricate blueprint.

– Metallic fixtures For those that don’t want to go dark and sultry, one trick is to focus on metallic accents that tend to grab small amounts of light and amp up the glamor. Metallic combined with white painted walls tricks the space into being more visually wider and airy. Some experts recommend avoiding brighter colour since they make compressed spaces look even smaller and darker without natural light. If it helps, you can also pick a paint with glossy sheen that will help reflect the light you do have in the room.

 – Focus on the light fixtures Since you don’t have a window, the correct light fixtures can really make or break your bathroom renovation in Melrose Park. A centered light on the ceiling can be great to light up the whole space with a pair of wall-mounted sconces on either side of the vanity mirror. That adds to the holistic “modernized” feel of the bathroom, adding to the present aesthetic. To make the room seem funkier, feel free to play around with the sconces. You can beat the drab feeling by the different types that pack personality.

 – Double up the wall decor Hands down, choosing a bright and unique wall decor for your bathroom can instantly liven up the space – windows or not. The problem, sometimes, is not because of the bathroom being dark but feeling too unwelcoming and dull. Adding wall mirrors and reflectors on the ceiling can make an area seem bigger as well as brighter. You can also add multiple artworks with a white matte frame. You can never go wrong with a playful touch of design to reduce the drab feeling of a windowless room.

 In the end, the magic lies in doing your research before jumping into remodeling a windowless bathroom interior. The process of doing so is both subliminal and technical. Try using techniques mentioned above for that bathroom renovation in Melrose Park with chosen themes and easy-on-the-pocket decor materials. Whether you choose to change your lightbulb wattage or build in a glamorous oasis, the end result will be no less than a successful magic trick.

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