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Why Choose a Japanese Tub for the Bathroom Remodel?

Do you have an innate love for taking a soothing soak in a warm bathtub but don’t have the bathroom space that would accommodate all of it? 

Well, the good news is in and it says that you don’t have to hold yourself back from fulfilling your peaceful bathing time despite having a small bathroom. Japanese soaking tubs for the bathroom renovation in Moorebank are the answer to all tiny bath space sadness. The Japanese tubs are some of the best space-saving solutions that give you the chance to soak away the life stressors and provide a rejuvenating experience without taking up a large area in the bathroom real estate. 

Why Pick a Japanese Tub for the Bathroom Remodel?
Undoubtedly, small bathtubs offer many advantages to the homeowners. The process of choosing the right tub involves knowing what you want and understanding the footprint of your bathroom, whether you are choosing something for an existing space or in the designing phase of your new bathroom remodel project. 

The Japanese soaking tubs are slightly shorter in length than the traditional Western tubs and can be crafted into various shapes and sizes. There are round tubs, oral, squared and compact styles that can make do as showers as well. Imagine a copper tub with its natural metal boosting a warm look and adding a unique aesthetic to your bathroom. If not copper, it can be a stainless steel tub setting with its own brand of style and elegance to make your bath space seem exqusite. 

Sitting on the Tub Seat
The Japanese tubs are also known as “Ofuro” and traditionally are found to have seats built-in across two seat or other versions. Your loved ones and especially the aged lot has the freedom to sit back and relax while spending quality time in the shower. All these tub choices can save you time, money and space during the bathroom renovation in Moorebank, typically utilising only hald the space of an old-school oblong tub. While the later requires more water to get filled in, an Ofuro tub only needs half for the same kind of bathing experience. 

The Japanese Love Customizing Their Tubs
Since modern homes tend to have smaller baths, the Japanese soaking tub fits the footprint well and it is designed specially for height and not length. These tubs can be easily altered to your needs and likings and made from different kinds of material that suit the environment you reside in. As long as your home as appropriate waterlines and adequate floor support, installing a Japanese tub should be a piece of cake. 

A Tub with Therapeutic Qualities
The Japanese tubs are made specifically for body soaking, and sitting upright is a better posture than lying down. According to experts, a good body posture leads to many health benefits such as reducing headaches to helping you sustain more energy. It also helps you detoxify the body, relieves pains and loosens stiff muscles, reduces the effects of internal and external stressors, cleaning and exfoliating the skin and improving overall heart performance and digestion. 

Call the talented designers and skilled craftsmen at Samcorp Bathrooms to build you a customizable Japanese tub for the bathroom renovation in Moorebank and save you the pain of extra costs, space and dissatifaction of a design not meeting your sense of style.

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