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Top 5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas To Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

Is your idea of a retreat the spa, with all of its relaxations and comforts? Have you ever thought about your dream house, and if you have, did the bathroom ever look just like your favorite spa down the block?

Dream no longer, because spa bathrooms are the new trend for bathroom renovations in North Parramatta, and for all the good reasons. From relaxing, breezy colors to soothing features, you can make your bathroom spa fantasy come to life in all its glory! Here are some features you can opt for to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Free-standing Tubs
Nothing quite screams “spa” than taking a long, hot soak in a freestanding tub after a long day of work. They’re not only great for hot baths, they’re also pretty versatile.

You can let these add a jazzy touch to your remodeled bathroom, or you can upgrade it into a Jacuzzi – the freestanding tub adds style and comfort and is one of the essentials for a bathroom turned spa.

Heated Floors
It’s called infrared radiation and it’s the new solution to all your bathroom worries. Put all those winter fears of stepping onto freezing tiles to bed, because with heating under your tiles, you’ll always have warmly toasted flooring to come home to. Heat also relaxes your muscles and makes for better blood flow, and what is a spa if not a place to relax those old, tired, tired muscles?

Add in Calming Colors
Natural elements and colors are an easy way to add that soul-soothing feeling that spas are so loved for. They’re also a color scheme which is very popular with bathroom renovations in North Parramatta.

For soothing colors, a great option to try are soft grays, beiges, whites, teals, and some green. Working a mix of these into your color scheme is sure to add quite a calming feel whenever you step in. They’re also just very easy on the eyes. The last thing you want is a bathroom whose colors are too rough at 6AM, when all you want to do is get five more minutes of sleep in.

You can also add some wooden features around, such as to the shelves or sinks, and potted plants. Green hues are psychologically known to help alleviate stress, and no spa is complete without beautiful greenery helping you tune in with nature.

Glass Paneling
Glass paneling makes all the difference when it comes to adding mystique, but also class. A glass enclosure over a shower-curtain, or a frosted glass door instead of a metal one can really spice up your bathroom. They’re very easy to clean, and the misty look they get during a hot shower really sets the spa-feeling in.

Spas usually incorporate a lot of natural lighting, and there’s no reason your renovated bathroom shouldn’t do the same. You can use skylights as well as clear glass, and larger windows that are framed with wood for a very spa-like feel.

A Spa Like Experience
With so many exciting ideas for your perfect bathroom renovation in North Parramatta, it’s hard to not want to get started as soon as possible – hopefully, you’ve found the inspiration you need to bring your dream bathroom décor to life.

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