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How to Design A Coastal-Themed Bathroom

If you are a beach lover and like spending your weekends at the beach, a coastal-themed bathroom is the one for you!

Consider a beach-inspired theme for your bathroom renovation in Parklea where every feature of the space will remind you of the beach!

 From the tiles to the wall paint to different bathroom accessories and decor items, there’s so much you can do here to turn your bathroom into a fun, creative coastal-themed space.

 We’ve rounded up a few great ideas that you can consider for your bathroom renovation in Parklea.

Opt for Classic Coastal Colors
 An aquatic color palette is the most important factor that will help give your bathroom a beachy look. The most classic coastal colors include different shades of blue, teal, green, sandy brown, and white.

 Whether you go for an oceany blue accent wall, pebbled floors, or a mix of blue and white patterned tiles, for instance, stick to a soft pastel color palette.

Shiplap Walls
 Shiplap wood is most commonly associated with coastal themes primarily because of how it brings the whole beachy, nautical charm and vibe to any space.

 An ideal option for your bathroom is shiplap walls not just for its woody aesthetic, but also because of its easy installation. It is also an inexpensive material compared to many others which means you can have an entire shiplap wall in your bathroom.

Colored Cabinets
 Add a pop of color to your bathroom with the help of colored cabinets!

 Turquoise, teal or blue cabinets would look absolutely amazing in your beachy bathroom. Not just that but your colored cabinets could also be the focal point of the space.

 Creative Sea-Inspired Wall Art
 If you aren’t too big on colored walls or cabinets, you can simply go for fun and creative sea or ocean inspired wall art and hang a few pieces in your bathroom. Each painting can be different from the other in an attempt to create a beach-like vibe where one painting can show the waves and the water, for instance, and the other can display the underwater aquatic world.

 Beachy Wallpaper
 Nothing makes a bathroom look more alive than a themed, colorful wallpaper, which, in this case, is a beach-inspired wallpaper!

 A vibrant, coastal themed wallpaper is going to lift up the entire space and the best part is that a wallpaper alone can add the desired vibe and aesthetic to your bathroom without having to opt for a full bathroom renovation in Parklea.

Freestanding Bathtub
 While nothing compares to the actual experience of taking a dip, a freestanding bathtub allows you to enjoy a comforting bath and enjoy the warmth of the water, just like you would at the beach.

Final Word
For days when you can’t head to the beach and comfort yourself in the presence of those warm coastal vibes, head to your coastal-themed bathroom and take a long, relaxing bath.

 To further add to the interior of the space, you can decorate your bathtub with small artificial coastal plants, and place sea-shell themed decor pieces on your vanity.

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