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Types of Shower Enclosures

A shower is such an integral part of a bathroom. Some people spend a lot of time in the shower whether to unwind, for relaxation, or just because a nice, hot shower feels so good. Hence, the shower area or enclosure needs to be designed in a way that allows you to shower in peace, comfort and style.

If you are looking to upgrade the shower enclosure of the bathroom, there are a few essential factors to consider during your bathroom renovation in Rooty Hill:

  • The shower enclosure should accentuate the space.
    ● The size of the shower enclosure should be according to available space in the bathroom.
    ● It should match your personal style.
    ● The enclosure must be fully functional and have all the functions that you require.

Top 4 Shower Enclosures

There are many different types of shower enclosures you can consider for your bathroom renovation in Rooty Hill. Usually, there are top 4 shower enclosures that people typically look for when they renovate their bathroom.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure
It has longer side walls and shorter end walls. The rectangular shower enclosure is perfect for bathrooms with wide spaces or large capacities. It offers an ideal space for a shower, and you will have a great showering experience in a rectangular shower enclosure.

You can install the rectangular shower enclosure towards the middle or side wall. The ideal place for this type of enclosure would be different for different spaces.

Square Shower Enclosure
A square shower enclosure means the walls all around are equal in length. It is an excellent option for limited spaces. It offers a cozy shower place with an illusion of increased space.

You can install the square shower enclosure in any corner of your bathroom. Let our renovation experts at Samcorp Bathrooms take a look at the space so that they can evaluate the capacity of your bathroom.

It will help them find the best spot in your bathroom that is most suited for a square shower enclosure.

Half-Circle Shower Enclosure
If you want a modern touch and have a good budget to work with, a half-circle shower enclosure is the best option for you to consider. However, it is an expensive option and requires great expertise for its installation.

The two sides of the shower enclosure are straight and curved from the front. It is best suited for bathrooms with large capacities so if you have enough space in your bathroom, this type of enclosure is ideal for you.

At Samcorp Bathrooms, our renovation experts are extremely skilled and can ensure a seamless installation of the enclosure in your bathroom.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure
This is also known as a semi-oval shower enclosure. It has two straight sides against the walls, and the front end is curved which faces outwards.

The curved finishing contributes to offering more space, theory offering more space compared to the square-shaped or rectangular shower enclosures.

Final Word
Whichever type of enclosure you choose for your bathroom renovation in Rooty Hill, we can help you with its installation. Reach out to us now and have your new shower enclosure ready in no time!

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