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6 Reasons for Choosing a Marble Bathroom Design

Marble has been a part of basic and mega sciences for a long time with the rock adorning mansions and castles for centuries. Despite its “solid” history, many homeowners are still skeptical of installing marble flooring for their bathroom renovation in Roselands. The main reason being the water spills, make up and other mishaps that can potentially ruin the beautiful stone. 

No need to worry, though. Marble is, indeed, a durable stone that can stand up to any modern bathroom problem thrown at it. A modern marble look to the bath space can also add value to your home, boosting its marketability. And while you are thinking about the options, here are six reasons why you should choose the stone for a bathroom remodel:

The hones, low-gloss and brushed marble can easily make spilled power, water marks and spots like dried toothpaste disappear or appear light till you have time to clean up. That is because the natural design of the marble is naturally “veined” which gives the eye something mesmerising to behold, turning attention away from the small mishaps. 

The sealing of marble is a must-do process if you want to keep your bath space looking upscaled for years to come. Seal the stone at the time of bathroom renovation in Roselands when you are installing it, and every three or so months thereafter.

Marble is only made for the bathroom flooring but can also be put on the shower walls, bathtub surrounds and countertops, giving the room a bright and expensive feel. For more visual appeal, you can have your marble mixed with different shapes and sizes. 

After decades of exposure to humidity, the iron embedded deep within the stone makes its way to the surface and turns to rust, giving it a rust-hued patina. That is one of marble’s natural charms, changing over time as a natural stone. You can do a preview test on your own by putting the stone in a bucket of water for a day or two and let it dry for another two days. Carefully observe the changes in the rock and whether or not the changes appeal to you. 

The gray, charcoal and natural black veins give marble its unique and exqusite look. However, the veins can be a tricky concept while installing the bathroom counter tops with seams or balancing the heavily veined areas with lightly veined ones. Before selecting the slabs, do your research and envision how they would look in your imagine space for the bathroom renovation in Roselands. 

The “stone” counter tops have become so widely known for their exquisite looks that many homeowners won’t back down from getting one installed in their bathrooms. If you are remodeling your space for sale, pick marble to give it an elegant feel, making it more valuable to the prospective buyers. 

Marble is, no doubt, a classic stone for homes that is always on trend. It is also an investment in the lasting value of your house. And with the vast list of marble options from Samcorp Bathrooms, you can be sure to find something that fits right in with your aesthetic and lifestyle. 

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