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Should You Change The Tile In Your Bathroom

You may not even realize it but your bathroom might be in dire need of a tile change. Having old, moldy tiles can be dangerous and unpleasant to look at. No one wants to trip in their bathroom and get a wound from their moldy tiles. When you plan your bathroom renovation in Sefton, make sure to carefully check your tiles and grout.

This might be a task that you have been putting off for months but if you want to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh, you need to perform the dreaded tile change. It will most definitely elevate the look of your bathroom and keep it looking pristine and clean. Here are some things you need to look out for to consider if you need to change the tile in your bathroom.

Tile Stains
Stains can be very difficult to get off tiles and they can build up over time. Tiles that are splattered with stains or have intense discolouration make your bathroom look dirty and unkempt. Stains on your tiles will also run down the overall price of your property if yu are ever looking to sell or rent your house.

Nasty Grout
Grout is porous and so it can retain moisture. This makes it easy for grout to become discolored or cracked. This makes the grout weak which can be dangerous as you can trip on a loose tile. Additionally, nasty grout makes your bathroom look unpleasant.

Dangerous Mold
The biggest red flag in tiles is the presence of mold. Mold can be very dangerous as it can cause problems for people who have asthma or any breathing difficulty. It can even cause breathing issues in healthy people who are exposed to the mold for a long time. Mold also gives off a gross smelling odor that can put off people who enter the bathroom.

Cracks and Chipping
This one is simple but if you notice a lot of cracks and chipping in your tiles, you will need to change them. For this you can choose between a full retile of your bathroom or you can simply replace the broken tiles.

Tile Upkeep
To make sure your bathroom renovation in Sefton lasts longer, there are some things you can do to keep your tiles looking new for years. You need to invest in a good exhaust fan that will take away the moisture in your bathroom. You will also need to wipe down your tiles with a dry cloth every few days. Finally, you need to use non acidic cleaning liquids on your tiles.

Tidy Tiles
To prevent issues like discolouration, water seepage and bad mold, you need to keep your tiles clean. Make sure to change the tiles in your bathroom if you see any of the issues that have been mentioned above to ensure cleanliness and safety. Lookout for these issues as it is beneficial to do a bathroom renovation in Sefton as soon as possible if your tiles need replacing. With this knowledge, you do not need to fear having a bathroom with disgusting looking tiles.

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